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Review on Polaris PGS 1570CA steamer, green/white by Ivana Zhorov Filipov ᠌

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A good product, but having its own defects.

In short, quality control in production causes problems with the work of the user. I am attaching a screenshot of the instructions from the manufacturer, which helped me. Thank you for writing it. It is a pity that it is not in the paper instructions.

Updated 10 months ago
Rating has not been changed

I thought it would be useful to include some photos to help readers visualize my experience.


  • The volume of the tank for this size. No need to keep the button pressed. Like the color.
  • When the product arrived, it did not work. Like many in the reviews, the same problem: it heats up, the pump makes noise, but there is no steam. I managed to get upset that the holidays and the service center are not only on the other side of the city, but also do not work for the next 4 days. But then I got into the answers to the reviews and found recommendations from the manufacturer there. They worked and the steamer worked. It's bad that these necessary recommendations are not written in the instructions. There is not a word about how to make the product work, but meanwhile, judging by the reviews, many people face this and make returns and waste their time.

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July 13, 2023
Pros below: It heats up quickly, there is a steam button lock, a water tank of sufficient volume. Some cons: Steam power regulator . why is it needed? I never understood!
July 10, 2023
Has some pros: It irons very well even thick things. Got cons: Distilled water or other for ironing.