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Review on EHOMEWEI E156G-4K: Ultra-High Definition 4K Portable Monitor with 3840X2160 Resolution and 15.6" Display by David Jennings

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Laugh with joy

A quality guru from the 90's said that a quality product delights the buyer. By those standards, this external monitor is such a quality product because I laughed out loud with pleasure some time after unboxing it. Something about the nature of this product - its padded carrying case, its slim, foldable shape - made me think for a moment that this was the same small laptop I had ordered at the same time. How incredibly light and thin this laptop was! But it was just a display, a display that delighted the production team so much that they persuaded management to supply it with a case, even though the not-unusual enough laptop came without a case. Excitement is lacking in many modern products, products are unpacked and reviewed to the point of disappointment and collection is forced at best "not bad" while when my enthusiasm waned here all I had to do was glance at the tiny and dodgy control terminals on the base. to update them. The device is slim and black, and the hinge shows just the right amount of movement and stability, and aside from its benchmark, the features don't disappoint either. When I connected the display to a Lenovo laptop with the included reversible USB-C cable, the laptop knew what to do with mirroring or extending the display and looked great. Even the smaller and less solid micro laptop I thought it was knew what to do with this product, the external display eclipsed the one attached to the laptop in this case: just my Motorola phone, not the latest Stand, I don't know I don't know what to do with this ad. Like the It Girl, this monitor has a quality that manufacturers just can't fake. While some sell and advertise their products online, as soon as you open the box you realize their heart wasn't in it, so there's little need to check the work; But like I said, this product gave me exactly the opposite, my first impressions took a few moments to hold together and then there was this damn happy laugh. When I tested this product for real function, it did not disappoint. It probably has more tricks up its sleeve than I've learned so far, but never mind because what I've seen so far makes it an exceptional product and I don't think you'll be disappointed: at this price point, the combination of The build, exterior design and functionality is almost impossible not to love, and it's an elegant tool that you're sure to find a use for. Punish mediocrity and reward excellence if you want to see more of it, like this product.

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  • 16:9
  • Limited ergonomics

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