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Review on JBL Live Cancelling Microphones Pink by Jasmit Insha ᠌

One of the best offers, glad I bought it.

Expensive, but I can't write it down. Either JBL got stuck and set a high price, or a. But, compared to competitors, the price is adequate. Oppo Enco X, Realme buds air Pro, anker soundcore liberty air 2 are available - their noise reduction is on the same level. But they are far from Sony and JBL Live Pro +. That's how good JBL Live Pro + came out, that's how bad JBL Live free nc + turned out. I bought JBL Live free nc + out of interest and noise reduction does not work for them. Bottom line: would recommend them. Yes and no. The headphones turned out to be very good, I did not find any frank shortcomings. But the same Huawei Freebuds Pro is much more interesting, and here you have a more interesting sound, control and pressing with a stroke, better noise reduction, and most importantly, Huawei can work with several devices. Only at Huawei I don’t like the frantic self-discharge rate when the headphones are in the case and are not used, but they continue to eat the battery. But if you want JBL, then take it, you won't regret it. The headphones turned out really worthy. There will be questions about JBL Live free nc + or JBL Live Pro +, ask.

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Pros & cons

  • The size of the case (45x55x25 mm) and the headphones themselves (leg length 28 mm) with their operating time. I don’t know where they put the battery in, but they hold a charge for a decent time. Headphones and case small Matte case made of high quality plastic. There are no scuffs when used without a cover. Convenient form. They do not fall out of the ears, but on condition that you pick up the ear pads. The standard ones did not suit me, because. even the largest ear pads are too small for me, and are made of soft rubber. I took ear pads from Sony, they are both larger and made of dense rubber. They hold on very tightly and don't fall out. The cap test passed with a bang. When removing, putting on a mask, with their process, they do not cling. Communication is stable, without friezes and breaks. Before that, there were the ears of Meizu Pop 2. Meizu near the metro was constantly frizzed, disconnected, and these JBLs keep the connection securely. True I'm listening in communication priority mode. I don’t hear the difference between “communication quality” and “sound quality”. I use them on the street, in the subway, in transport, in places where it's noisy, so they don't bother me much about the nuances of sound, I simply won't hear them. At home, in silence, I prefer overhead. The sound on YouTube is not far behind. I don’t play games, so I couldn’t check the lag there. The sound is on top, it would still be bad for him. QCY T11 recently came to me, which sound no worse than JBL and cost about 4 times cheaper. Many companies have learned into sound. I took JBL Live Pro + for noise reduction. Shumodav, as for their money, works out perfectly. There are no complaints at work. The only thing is that it is not as powerful as the Sony WF-1000xm3. If Sony's noise reduction is taken as 100%, then JBL's is approximately 70%. Those. good, muffles noise, the effect is felt. The packaging is top notch. Availability of software ates. I like that if you turned on the noise reduction once, then the next time you remove the noise reduction, the noise reduction will remain on by default. For some reason, not all manufacturers do this. Management is responsive, false taps happened at first, but you need to get used to it.
  • Poor equipment, the same Anker has a very wide set of ear pads. And scolding doesn't work. What I expected, I got.

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December 20, 2022
Different pros: The sound is good, connects to everything including an apple, a great option for modest money Got cons: Low volume 95 little 105 to kaef
December 20, 2022
Different pros: Sound quality (it's awesome) Multifunctionality (customizability of gestures) Talk Thru function Different cons: The noise suppression is not as good as it was imagined (not critical)
December 20, 2022
Has some pros Cool, stylish headphones, comfortable, super noise canceling, autonomous, everything is as indicated in the specifications Some cons: On the first day, the left earpiece began to wheeze, and I don’t listen to music at the maximum

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