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11" apple ipad pro 11 2022 512gb wi-fi + cellular ipados tablet space gray logo

Words are superfluous here, everyone who loves Apple and its technology understands everyone, therefore I spoke above about this seller and transportationSee full review

🔪 enhanced spyderco tri-angle sharpmaker with safety rods, instructional dvd, two sets of premium alumina ceramic stones for blade repair and professional-grade finishing - 204mf logo

In addition, and this applies to all sharpeners of this kind, the angle of sharpening "walks" Both the plastic base (which is made of good plastic in this location, but nevertheless plays under pressure) and the inability to put the knife exactly vertically (who does not have a goniometer) are to blame for this issue. As a direct consequence of this, the knife is incapable of slicing through toilet paper))). Or it might, but only if you full your hand first, which might or might not happen. It iSee full review

professional vacuum cleaner karcher wd 3 premium, 1000 w, yellow/grey logo

I am very glad to have it in the house of my friend, whom I bought it as a gift from our group of friends when she moved to a new apartment. Thank you! Pros: A wonderful vacuum cleaner, "eats" everything that comes in its path. Makes a woman's life much easier. Thank you very much for having it! Has cons: Bought recently and so far no flaws have been found. The only drawback: very noisy, but this is obvious due to the fact that it is powerful and everything that comes in its pathSee full review

humidifier hanzo z6, white logo

As for moisturizing, it will work at 100%. People familiar with physics understand that if you sleep with ventilation, then decent volumes of air enter the room and leave it. All these 300-500 ml/h humidifiers that the market is crammed with are complete . In winter, they are able to raise humidity from 10-15% to 20-25% maximum! This humidifier at full power, even with a draft in the room, will catch up with you up to 80% humidity. I conducted an experiment: I closed the windows and the door in See full review

frame trampoline bondy sport 10ft 305x305x235 cm, green logo

For a long time I was looking for a trampoline for children 2 years old and 7 years old. The choice fell on the BondiSport trampoline. I didn't guess! The trampoline is large, there is enough space for 3-4 children at once. The inner mesh will protect against feet / hands getting into the springs, the springs have rather sharp edges that can be scratched. The grid does not walk, due to the rigid fastening from below and from above. Fine mesh material, very durable. There is a ladder. The overlaySee full review

brake pads sp4098 for hyundai creta 16-, front logo

Installed Hi-Q brake pads over two years ago. I ran over more than 20 thousand km during that time, but the pads have not yet given up. When I bought it, I was afraid that it would be a fake, but nothing happened. Ordered online for delivery. Spare parts have an adequate cost and are distinguished by high braking efficiency. Never heard a squeak or hum. I will buy these for the next MOT, which will probably come in a couple of months, because I travel often and a lot. As for the shortcomings, I See full review

built-in dishwasher electrolux etm 48320 l logo

Great dishwasher! We are just delighted, excellent functionality and quality, can be adjusted to any request, there is a delay start function, most importantly, it is super quiet - perfect for a family with children. This was an important point for us when choosing a dishwasher, and this machine fully realized this point. The adjustable basket for dishes will exactly meet the loading needs of even a large company.See full review

27" monitor acer nitro vg270ubmiipx, 2560x1440, 75hz, ips, black logo

Some pros: In general, everything is excellent. Assembled neatly. The picture is juicy. There are no visible light spots in the corners. Yes, and to search completely without them is a waste of time, IMHO. Has some cons: stand. the monitor is not level. all the time leans on you, no matter how tightened. there is no adjustment. I immediately bought a bracket on the table, the issue price is 2500, but it's just a fairy tale. and a lot of space on the table and expose as you want.See full review

bicycle foltas 24 logo

Gave a bike to a child for his birthday, he is delighted. The bike is quite light, after a small bike I immediately sat down and went, the speeds switch easily. The appearance of the bike is beautiful, immediately catches the eye.See full review

robot vacuum cleaner dreame f9 ru, white logo

Copes with its task by 100%. The first time I turned it on after I cleaned the apartment and washed the floors. Either I didn’t clean it, or the vacuum cleaner visited the neighbors, but the dust collected a full container! And I always thought that I clean very well. Now I can't imagine cleaning without it. I always thought that this was a toy for the lazy, I was wrong. The thing is really very useful.See full review

vacuum cleaner dreame v11 se global, gray logo

In general, it is a great solution for the home, the charging station is hung on the wall, the vacuum cleaner is always in place, all nozzles can also be fixed on this station, which is generally a great solution, since it has useful nozzles: I especially like it for furniture with a turbo brush, I use it for beds and cleaning in the car. In medium mode, I have enough to vacuum an apartment of 40 square meters. m 3 times, in turbo mode, the battery, alas, just melts before our eyes, but it is prSee full review

goodyear eagle sport 2 195/65 r15 91v summer logo

Review after running 500 km. No questions about handling - this is for me the main criterion when it comes to choosing tires. Dry asphalt or wet, there is no difference, the car behaves predictably. With braking, too, everything is in order. Their level of comfort is average. Perhaps this is due to the more rigid tire construction, which provides higher stability on the road, but on the Kia Rio with noise they are normally audible (not critical). Still often stones are hammered into the tread, See full review

smartphone tecno pova 3 6/128 gb, dual nano sim, silver logo

I took China at my own peril and risk. But the risk paid off The phone works properly, performs all functions (as stated) The only thing is, I can’t check how long the battery lasts, because I’m stuck in all sorts of games for days) For this money, you will not find anything better (in more advanced brands). Thanks to the platform, thanks to the store and of course thanks to the manufacturer.See full review

stationary blender rawmid rvb-02 blue, blue logo

The block, jug, pitcher cap, spatula, bottle, and bottle cap are all packaged separately. All of this is contained in two boxes, one of which is filled with foam. A day and a half for delivery Everything was undamaged. with guidelines. I just produced smoothies (pear, apple, celery, and kiwi) at 5 speeds, grinding everything with a boom into an air puree; the warranty card was included with the instructions. I haven't found out what and how yet. I'm ecstatic like an elephant! A big thank you!See full review

smartphone xiaomi poco m5 4/128 gb ru, dual nano sim, green logo

Got pros: Beautiful. Works for a very long time. Poco launcher does not like it, Miui is better. With its cons: Works slowly. And this is essential for me. For example, you have to wait until a picture is taken in the car sharing application. On top devices, snapshots are instant.See full review

office lamp in home cho-15, e27, 60 w, armature color: black, shade/shade color: black logo

I thought the lamp was beautiful and that it was well worth the price. Got pros: You may adjust the position, and it will stay in that position if the material is sturdy and the assembly is of great quality. It is imperative that the heavy and stable support atop the table not topple over at the slightest provocation. Cons: It was entirely made of plastic, which gave the impression of being a fragile end mount (if you connect it to the edge of the table). While everything are going smoothly, letSee full review

smart bracelet xiaomi mi smart band 7 global for russia, black logo

Pros: The model is extremely wonderful, but I don't see any purpose to acquire more than six of them at a time. Some cons: Unable to maintain a connection with the phone at any time, despite the proximity of the device.See full review

kitfort toaster kt-2014-3, red logo

The toaster's metal body doesn't become too hot. The item is of excellent quality and completely complements the interior. There are two bread storage sections with an ejection feature. We'll purchase a second one for the summer.See full review

xiaomi motion-activated night light 2 led, 0.36 w, armature color: white, shade color: white, version: cn logo

has some benefits Wonderful lamp. The motion detector is operational. There is also a light sensor; if it detects outside lighting, it prevents the bulb from turning on. some drawbacks It goes off after 15 seconds if there is no movement, which in some usage scenarios is fairly quickly, and you have to wave your hand to prove who you are.See full review

xiaomi mijia robot vacuum-mop 2 mjst1s cn robot vacuum cleaner, white logo

For those who are annoyed by a Chinese plug, buy a wire from a European one for 190 and you will be happy. I downloaded the language pack in 1 minute, I won’t write how, here in the reviews they have already written a lot.See full review

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