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Brake pads SP4098 for HYUNDAI CRETA 16-, front Review




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Description of Brake pads SP4098 for HYUNDAI CRETA 16-, front

Producer: SANGSIN BRAKE Article (part number): SP4098 SP4098 SANSING HYNDAI GRETA pad disk SANSING HIQ F Candles, discs, springs, light bulbs - price per piece, not per set. Hoses, tubes, etc. price per meter Replacements: 000015BSX, 000739BSX, 001083BSX, 0252396617W, 05P1375, 0986424393, 0986424811, 0986494995, 0986495369, 0K2FA 3328Z, 103802, 103812, 1049002SX, 1201CRETF 2205201, 2205203, 223506, 2396601, 239661651, 24135Z, 3000023, 3000421, 301842 302425 321046EGT 3342KT 342E3950 3450KT 363916060281 363916061001 3663600910 37442 37951 4037258 41702170 50H0010 50K0009 50K09 5290 581011HA00 581011HA10 581011HA20 581011MA00 581011MA01 581011MA20 58101 2LA00 58101B2A00 58101G3A00 58101G3A10 58101J9A00 58101M0A00 58101M0A10 58101M6A00 598744 6121926 DB355010611, 8DB355028091 912181 940177 986424393 ADB31321 ADB31798 ADG04261 ADR250611 AKD0373 AKD12101 AKD12106 AKD12113 AKD12118 AMDBF13 1, AMDBF446, ARG281071, ARG281073, ARG281097, AV125, AV130, AW1810097, B1103015, B1103029, B110952, BB0304, BB0439, BD4404, BD4417, BD872, BL1935A2, BP0468, BP0568, BP0569, BP1103013, BP3043, BP4013, BP43019, BP43459, BP8102, BPF159N, BRBP122, BS17 07, C11CR0041, C11CR1028, C12CR1010, CBP31798, CD01232, CD11163S, CKKH40, CKKK21, CWPB020 CWPB029 D293E DFP3450 E100020 E100053 E400020 E400053 E500020 E500053 ESD7086 ESD8037 FBP1626 FDB1869 FDB1869W FDB4448 FDB46 23W, FDP3302, FP0001, FPH20, FPK14N, GBP103812, GBPH028, GDB2192, GDB3342, GDB3450 GDB3523 GIJ09028 GK0494 GK0527 GP11257 GP11268 GP1240 GP4098 H40076 HND001 HP0040 HP0064 HP1020 HP4098 IB153051 J3600319 J3600330, JBP0172, JBP0317, JBP0379, JQ101202, JS10077, K002014, K003057, K281520Y, KBP032, KBP3036, KBP4004, KI003, KM0500045, KRT1626, KT3450STD, KU75044, KUF0373, LP1819, LP3513, M2623966, M2623987, M2625348, M262 5708, MBF015183, MBF015554, MDB2608, MKD2035, MPH67, MPH67NS, MPK23, MPK36, MPK36HNS, MPK36NS, MS0301, NP6023, NP6095, NP6129, P18025, P30034, P30077, P30099, PAH10AF, PAK09AF, PBP095KOR, PBP1698, PBP1698KOR, PCP1078, PF0373, PF0806, PF08 13, PF083402, PKA081, PKA085, PKB022, PKBE22, PKBE35, PN0373, PN0373S QF67602 QF81702 RA3338 RB1540 RB1708 RMPK23 RNZ149 RP1240 RR21804SPD S1H20 S700188 SMBPH043 SP1162 SP1240 SP374 ST28000 6, ST581011HA10, TABP2423, TCA1055, TG3450, V489, V530056, VT32016, WS341400


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Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best I ever used, recommend it to everybody.

products from Korea, and not a knockoff. They are better at slowing down than conventional ones, and they are more sensitive. They sat down precisely. The vendor is outstanding, and the goods are of a great quality, arrive on time, and are honest. Various advantages: Hyundai Creta, 2022, 1.6l. Because of the selection, which earned accolades for its excellent service). BETTER relatives who, from the very beginning of the process of purchasing a car, gnashed their teeth at a tiny, smooth…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best thing I have ever used, highly recommended!

Installed Hi-Q brake pads over two years ago. I ran over more than 20 thousand km during that time, but the pads have not yet given up. When I bought it, I was afraid that it would be a fake, but nothing happened. Ordered online for delivery. Spare parts have an adequate cost and are distinguished by high braking efficiency. Never heard a squeak or hum. I will buy these for the next MOT, which will probably come in a couple of months, because I travel often and a lot. As for the shortcomings, I

  • Good brake pads. Everything is fine
  • No cons