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Very good

Revainrating 4 out of 5  
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Description of Vacuum cleaner Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter, blue/white

Washing vacuum cleaner with three modes of operation: dry cleaning with Thomas filter, wet cleaning and collecting large puddles. Due to the absence of bags, the vacuum cleaner maintains a constant suction power during the entire cleaning. Therefore, debris is removed from the first pass of the nozzle. Filling volumes are enough for wet cleaning of large areas without refueling. Vertical parking makes it easy to store the vacuum cleaner. And the vacuum cleaner during cleaning will clean and humidify the air in the house, making it fresh and pleasant. Unique Thomas aquafiltration without drop in...


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Type of review

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I'm disappointed with my purchase, products are no good.

A bad review is not for a vacuum cleaner, but for the unscrupulous staff of the "Wow" trading platform! I do not recommend buying from these sellers!

  • Maybe this vacuum cleaner has many advantages. But unscrupulous sellers such as the "Ogo" store where this vacuum cleaner was bought spoil all the impressions in the bud.
  • The vacuum cleaner came opened and wrapped with tape from the "Ogo" store, when assembling the vacuum cleaner, it turned out that the hose (corrugated) did not have an attachment for installing the water supply regulator valve, and there was nothing to be done about it, it looks like the hose was replaced in the store from a vacuum cleaner of another model. It is not possible to use a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Disgusting, would not recommend to anyone!

I rarely leave product reviews. But it boiled over. Now I'm trying to clean it up. But it seems that the designers or those who come up with the details deliberately made small corners, crooked bends, a bunch of sides and small holes where dirt aculates, but it’s unrealistic to get it. Plus, I can’t wash the frame inside without my husband. It is heavy, it is impossible to wet directly under the stream. Again, there, too, everything is clogged everywhere. The quality of wet cleaning is 1 out…

  • Vacuums efficiently
  • Size. The quality of the cleaning owner. Washing method

At first, a large number of different parts and nozzles intimidates a little, but I quickly figured it out. Containers and filters are shaped so that they cannot be inserted incorrectly. The vacuum cleaner looks massive, although in fact it is quite light, and most of the volume is occupied by containers for clean and dirty water.

  • This is my first time buying a vacuum cleaner with a water filter, and it's a really cool thing! I bought it just for the sake of interest, because I had no idea how such vacuum cleaners work. It turned out that this is like an ordinary bucket of water, only sealed, and it is enough to pour water once. Disassembling it and washing all the parts is quite simple. I've always hated mopping the floor and messing around with mop and rags. I am very glad that now I will never have to do this again.
  • There is no convenient container for storing nozzles and a hose.

I recommend it to all new mothers who have little time for cleaning. Yes, it’s not cheap, but it saves a lot of time, and if you get used to it, you can wash windows, which is also not a small plus.

  • We use it for two weeks every other day or 2. Of the pluses, there is no smell of dust, it filters the air well, it in so that it lifts the carpet or linoleum. Daughter 10 months under his noise falls asleep and sleeps. You can immediately do wet cleaning.
  • No.

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The quality exceeds all expectations, I recommend to buy.

I really liked the model, like many others. But this vacuum cleaner has character!. You can’t start it off your feet, you need to understand and understand it. Then it will serve faithfully for many years. Keep in mind that this is a budget vacuum cleaner among detergents ! This must be understood before buying. Yes. it has a lot of outdated things, for example - water pipes on the rod, too small a volume for washing. BUT! This is an excellent quality device. Very easy to use once you get the…

  • The assembly is of high quality, the model is nice, there are a lot of nozzles, but for parquet it is bought separately. powerful.
  • No storage box for attachments. Not enough water for washing, only 1 liter.

Revainrating 4 out of 5

A practical product, nothing to complain about.

In general, if you have a large apartment, strewn with carpets up and down (and this happens), then this vacuum cleaner will cope with the task of dry and wet cleaning of carpets. But you need to prepare mentally to constantly wash, clean, monitor the vacuum cleaner very carefully! otherwise, the pump or something else may break. Attached is a photo of the broken part. I put 4 points for the fact that in fact the vacuum cleaner does a good job of cleaning, but the design and plastic itself…

  • Cleans carpets and furniture well. after it freshness in the apartment!
  • Flimsy construction! The water pump was repaired 5 times! Constantly afraid of damaging it during assembly! The vacuum cleaner is not for the lazy!

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best price for such a product, I will buy more!

I have been using it for more than 10 years, I am already buying a second one, because I liked the old one very much. The new revision of the vacuum cleaner differs from the first one in materials. New vacuum cleaners do not match the photos on the market. The first time they brought poisonous purple. Changed. The quality of the hose is worse, it has become softer. If I freely dragged the old vacuum cleaner by the hose, then the new hose is constantly pinched, broken (not enough rigidity)…

  • The washing vacuum cleaner was the first of its kind (when it came out 10 years ago). Lots of accessories for all occasions. easy to clean, does not require bags,
  • soft hose, not transparent (as in the photo above).

Revainrating 5 out of 5

The best thing for the money, Im glad I chose this option.

I bought a vacuum cleaner specifically for wet cleaning, since there is already one for dry cleaning. Previously, the floors were washed with a mop every other day and daily dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner, I was sure that the cleanliness was maintained . After buying a dog, I decided to buy a vacuum cleaner with washing functions. After the purchase, I tried to wash the hall (16 sq. it does a good job, it makes noise - yes, but no more than my Samsung for dry cleaning, by the way, for some…

  • All
  • As long as there are no flaws

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Could not be worse! Waste of money.

The first and main drawback: the presence of a huge number of all sorts of filters, gaskets, small parts, tubes, containers. Now imagine how to wash it all, if all this is in dust (after cleaning), dirt mixed with water. Daily cleaning becomes impossible with this vacuum cleaner. Let's say you need to collect sand after walking with children in the hallway, corridor, turn on the vacuum cleaner, but what do you think about what to wash the vacuum cleaner itself (and it kills even more time than…

  • The function of the vacuum cleaner performs normally, at 4. BUT! For the price, you can find a much better vacuum cleaner.
  • Use daily? It's easier to clean with a regular rag or spit it out.

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Poor product, the quality is below average.

The lid does not close. The gasket was glued incorrectly, besides, carelessly. I bought it in -Market, but the seller is the Player store. Return to the store "Player" - a whole hassle. It is necessary that they come, pick it up, wait 10 days and maybe return the money to the account. Even though I paid in cash.

  • defective

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Best thing for the money, glad I did it.

I read that it is inconvenient to wash, but in fact it turned out to be untrue. Washing is extremely simple, no more difficult than rinsing out a rag after washing. Even easier. Got pros: Vacuums really well. Akfaviltr is just a thing. Good for homes with pets. Cons below: I don’t like changing nozzles a little, because. When you need to wash you have to fasten the tube for the water supply. But this is equivalent to when you need to change a broom for a mop, so it is not particularly a…

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Matches the description completely, very satisfied.

basically satisfied. I use it every 2-3 days, I do dry cleaning more often, although I wet it once a week. satisfied with the result. Dust well. Washing the vacuum cleaner after cleaning is not particularly difficult. work for 5 minutes. worth your money.

Very good) Work convenient, easy and fast! Very satisfied with the purchase! I think that will serve me faithfully for a long time) Has some pros: Relatively normal price, versatility, easy to clean after cleaning, very well removes dust in the apartment, compact With its cons: I didn’t have time to notice big flaws) there is only a small minus - it requires thorough washing under water, which sometimes takes a lot of time

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Reliable purchase, guaranteed to be a good purchase.

Definitely recommend! Got pros: Easy to use. Saving cleaning time. The house is clean, there is no dust. With my sore back, cleaning is now a joy) With its cons: It won't fit under the bed, you have to lift it up. Lots of parts to wash but got used to it quickly. I assemble / disassemble easily.

Revainrating 1 out of 5

I'm disappointed with my purchase, products are no good.

I don’t know, maybe we were so unlucky with the vacuum cleaner. It constantly broke down. But very cleanly washed. Given the two dogs, there was very little hair in the apartment. Has some pros: Yes, cleaning the first time was a joy. Washes laminate tiles and windows very clean. Some cons: Until after a couple of months of use, the plastic under the clean water container cracked. The plastic is of very poor quality and it literally crumbled before our eyes, while there was already a puddle…

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Think twice before you buy-the product is disgusting.

After the service, I sold it to some fan of the brand for half the price. I’m glad I can’t at all . Friends and neighbors have the same story. Reminds me of washing American Bissel from the 90s, healthy, dirty, uncomfortable and stupid. Has pros: A big name, Aquafilter. It is more or less convenient to use . everything. Some cons: It is necessary to wash the vacuum cleaner itself for half an hour, after that, like a miner, there is dirt around, you can’t leave this for a day - it stinks, it…

Revainrating 4 out of 5

The product suited me, I will recommend it to my friends.

the vacuum cleaner copes with its tasks just lovely, but its dimensions leave much to be desired, but this is of course the price for the quality of cleaning With its pros: performs all its functions with a bang, washes just wonderful, I didn’t expect it With its cons: very literate. that is, it will not be possible to remove it in the closet

Revainrating 1 out of 5

Disgusting, dissatisfied with the purchase.

TOTAL: After 1.5 years of any breakdowns, you are the owner of a wonderful hulk for 12 thousand. , now intended exclusively for dry cleaning . Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter EXCLUSIVE rubbish! Different pros: Very handy for dry cleaning. Power makes itself felt. Dust and hair from animals skillfully removes. With its cons: COMPLETE! Firstly, to wash and dry this monster, I spend 15-20 minutes (otherwise, if this is not done, the "aroma" throughout the house. It is very inconvenient to store…