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digital piano yamaha p-45 black logo

I chose between three models that differ significantly in price. P-45, P-115 and YDP-S31. I read the reviews, watched the videos, listened to everything. I really wanted to take the YDP-S31 in a wooden case. However, its price is now 72900. P-115 was offered to me for 48000 along with a stand for it. And I found the P-45 in the Hong Kong store, the official dealer of Yamaha, for only 26,000s. Purpose of purchase: Teaching a 6 year old daughter to play the piano. And play it myself. I am an amatSee full review

grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

Immediately after the purchase, I decided to cook champignons, bell peppers and pork chops. If you have a range hood, put the grill under it. It smokes a lot during the first heating, then there can be a lot of steam during cooking. I must say right away, do not set the temperature to the maximum, everything will burn. Start with a minimum or a little more, then you will understand why what temperature is needed. I started with mushrooms at a minimum, then added a little. Then the meat was cookeSee full review

heimerdinger 3/4" 1300nm brushless cordless impact wrench for car repair, no battery logo

If the price is in the region of 5-6t. I definitely recommend. I don’t own such a wrench myself, I took it for about two months, I compared it with Chinese and originals. Pros: Relatively powerful, a copy of Makita, if not in design, then in technique. Fits Makita batteries. Some cons: Compared to the branded counterpart, it is cheaper to the maximum, weight 3kg. Makita is closer to 4. Obviously, the engine is weaker, the cheap controller, they even saved on propellers, in this regard, even KamaSee full review

watering kit xhose magic hose (with sprayer), 1/2-3/4", 75 m logo

I bought this hose for my parents at the dacha, I saw these in stores for 3000, I decided that I’d better take it. And I didn't regret it at all! Mom is just delighted! 75 meters, fills the entire dacha with this hose, took blue so that it does not merge with the grass. I saw even cheaper, but I think they have a different quality. And this one is exactly the same as I saw in the store for 3k. The most successful purchase I have ever made, I think. In general, I advise, do not lose! Money saved,See full review

car compressor airline ca-035-20v 35 l/min 6 atm grey/black logo

Got pros: Works well, at least for domestic purposes. Bought for pumping a hydraulic accumulator Cons below: At the first connection, it didn’t work, I took it apart, it turned out that the internal wiring was open, connected it, isolated it, it works. I use six months.See full review

hankook tire kinergy eco k425 195/65 r15 91t summer logo

I skated about 20,000 on it. I’ll tell you about this rubber in comparison with the Michelin energy saver, which took about 80,000 km in 5 years. My car is a Kia seed 1.6 size 195/65/15. , passes joints better, passes puddles better, there is almost no aquaplaning (at least until new). on the road these tires are minimal, I think an ordinary participant in the movement will not notice. (for me) this is an expense, although they seem to be Eco, but the consumption compared to Michelin has increasSee full review

blood pressure monitor and ua-777 with standard cuff and mains adapter logo

I bought such a blood pressure monitor for my parents more than a year ago, to replace the old one. After a year of active use, the tonometer is like new, and the cuff is alive (in the previous year, the connecting tube at the base broke and the Velcro stopped fastening). Measurements are made fully automatically, quickly and accurately, you just need to press the Start button. The second button on the case is memory. The advantage of this model is that memory management is moved to a separate bSee full review

plastic for 3d pen / abs / abs / 20 colors x 10 meters / plastic for 3d pen logo

Got pros: Big set of flowers. The child likes it. But the main drawback of this product is reflected in the review section "Disadvantages"! Cons: Coils of plastic are not 10 m each, as stated, but from 6.5 to 7.35 m. That is, in total it turned out not 200 m, but ~ 144 m (I measured all 20 skeins of plastic). 28% shortage of plastic! That is, they "fell in love" for 140.See full review

tire cst megatane c1935 26" x 4" logo

It can be seen that the tire is new, there are no questions about this, it has risen in size. If I see something wrong, I will write here)See full review

bridgestone dueler h/p sport 225/55 r18 98v summer logo

Holds the road with a bang. I screwed the serpentine to Hong Kong so that I myself became ill. and didn't squeak. 235/55 r18 vw Caravelle. 3 seasons departed a little more left to zero. But in the spring I will change to the same. And everyone who writes about dirt, you even read the name of the rubber for the HP SPORT track ! ! Puddles squeezes out but all within reasonable limits. In general, I was satisfied with the rubber!See full review

kama kama-flame 205/70 r16 91q winter logo

on the field 21214 above the roof, reliable ! !, and in the mud and snow without problems, on a purely icy hill from the floor of the mountain without problems, I advise everyone, I would not disdain to put the products of the Kama plant on any foreign carSee full review


I called technical support, they sent a post-filter and 2 taps for the tank. I put the first one - it still presses the water, I put the second one - so far silence. Works. Corrected for starsSee full review


The tablet was bought to replace my iPad Air. I have been dreaming about a tablet with Super AMOLED for a long time and finally samsung was born. There were fears that the matrix would be made using Pentile technology, but as soon as I found out that there was no Pentile, I could not resist and ran to the store. The arrangement of pixels using s-stripe technology, i. e. green and red pixels are square, and blue is rectangular, like on Note II, respectively, the clarity of the screen is impeccablSee full review


While I give a minimum rating, as the manufacturer fixes the problem with the film, I may change the rating. Ordered with installation. Previously, by phone, he clarified how things were with the film - they said that the problem was old and was fixed in 2022. I specifically asked for a receipt for the installation, so that it would be easier to solve a possible problem with the film. Here you are please. I drained the purified water 7 times - the oil film is in place. Filter production March 21See full review


after a couple of weeks, the creaking began, I had to lubricate :) Its pros: Armchair for your money. There is a rocking chair function. Long cushion on the seat, legs in a comfortable position. All bolts fit into grooves. The lighting is beautiful, I really like it. Has some cons: The build quality and the state in which the chair came. The holes for the fasteners were made in a very poor quality and at first it seemed that this was a marriage, but the bolts entered without problems, draw your See full review


Got pros: Speed ​​does not cut Easy to operate There is an app for remote control from outside the home called Tether. Different cons: Quite large dimensions, so it is more convenient to hang above the entrance to the apartment.See full review

wheel disk x"trike x-119 6.5х16/5х114.3 d66.1 et40, 7.7 kg, hsb logo

I took 16 diameter, 5x110, offset 37 for Opel. Additionally, I took a set of bolts, although they are suitable for wells and relatives. I like the wheels, no complaints so far.See full review


My xg9505 remote works partially, because there is no software for it, it connects but does not fully function, in short, a dummy, the most interesting thing is that the microphone works. Buttons do not work: asterisk menu, on, inputs. It's good that my original one was torn, only the buttons rearranged the board, it worked. On Aliexpress, this costs 600. Yes, they wrote a different model for walking.See full review


We constantly go to the country and carry a lot of products with us. We didn’t have enough of a regular cooler bag, now this problem has been solved. I am satisfied with the purchase, I recommend it to everyone.See full review


Stylish design, ease of connection and high-quality work of the flash drive pleased me. Does not freeze, works well, I recommend.See full review

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