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grill kitfort kt-1655, black logo

My girlfriend and I have been looking for a good and inexpensive electric grill for a long time. Our choice fell on this model, we were very pleased with the purchase. Great for frying meat or preparing hot sandwiches / shawarma. It heats up very quickly and is easy to use, it also has 2 removable trays for collecting liquid from the grill. When you first turned it on, it smoked a little, but everything is according to the instructions, do not be alarmed. A little inconvenient to wash as the panSee full review

32" tv tuvio full hd dled on yandex.tv platform, stv-32fdfbk1r, black logo

We were looking for an inexpensive TV for the kitchen, we decided to take this one. It also bribed the fact that we use film search. Everything is fine in general, turned on, logged into a single account. When turned on, the home page is displayed, and if you watched something (a channel or a movie) and turned off the TV, then after turning it on, viewing will continue. The price is quite democratic, it suits me. I think that for a smart TV it's even cheap. But there is also a fly in the ointmeSee full review

split system centek ct-65c09, white logo

The air conditioner is as simple as a felt boot, do not expect any fancy functions. Adjust the blinds up in them. To the side with a lever. I plan to make it smart through the remote ik from smart remote! Copies the signals of the remote control, and now there are already temporary modes, everything can be set. The timer only from the remote control has shutdowns. But by the way, the installers said the simpler the longer it will last! I advise everyone to take it, the cant is only a filter, anSee full review

electric socket double dixis 2 gang socket with ports 2 usb / 2 type-c eu (86x146) (tkeuc-2), white logo

With its pros: Functional and aesthetically pleasing, it has multiple ports to help reduce the need to install multiple outlets. When devices are connected to the USB and Type-C ports, a red indicator lights up on the panel, which I noticed, its brightness depends on the connected load. Cons below: When connecting devices, the part where the USB and Type-C ports are connected does not heat up much, but this is not critical, given that this is actually a built-in power supplySee full review

mobile air conditioner electrolux eacm-13hr/n3, white logo

So, in order: 1. The worst thing is heating. Until hot days come in Hong Kong, and the heating is turned off, we use it as heating. BUT FOR SOMETHING, when you turn on the heating, the compressor turns on and icy air is blown out from behind, as in cooling mode. I don’t understand at all why the air is cooled with freon and blown out, because it is supposed that everything goes outside. As for the outside - since it's cold outside, it's not practical to open a window to release air outside, sincSee full review

27" tv samsung t27h395six 2021 led, black logo

An excellent TV for the kitchen, everything was connected and tuned in, the picture / sound is also quite up to par, if you do not expect home theater capabilities from a budget model. The only thing that at first confused: not quite an obvious way to disconnect the attachment leg to the stand, I did not immediately understand that for this I had to remove the back cover. Well, yes, there is nothing complicated in the end, and you need to do it once. So in the end - an excellent device, I'm satiSee full review

studio headphone amplifier behringer ha 400 microamp logo

Its pros: Compact, fits well into my studio setup, well shakes any headphones, the complete power supply comes with an adapter for a euro socket Has some cons: If a very loud signal is applied to the amplifier, then at maximum volume it clips and crackles very much, but this is only the case with my sound card. Tested with others, works greatSee full review

thickness gauge rdevice rd-990 lite + galvanized gauge, turbo gauge, ruby ​​gauge logo

Fast delivery, very satisfied with the thickness gauge. Significantly accelerated the process of checking the car. Defines zinc. Comes with rubber bumper, bag and cord. I was very pleased with the price with the promo code.See full review


I bought it at a nearby pharmacy, for 1900, in principle, I didn’t particularly choose, so I can’t find fault too much. But I don't recommend buying it. Its pros: Worked flawlessly for three years, used constantly, for a child with a tendency to bronchitis, an indispensable thing! Only now it seems to be overheating. Cons below: Very flimsy plastic, in the first year the legs of the flask broke off, over time the whole structure began to close poorly, it’s not enough just to keep it in the proceSee full review


Here is not very pleasantly surprised. Before that everything was normal. And then I wanted to cooperate. But after getting this smelly router, I don’t even know. Different pros: Everything according to specifications. Very handy trimmer. Different cons: The smell is such that you don’t want to take the tool in your hands.See full review


I bought a refrigerator three weeks ago. Like the model. I took it because of the volume. Large freezer allows you to store a lot of meat. I breed rabbits, and this parameter of the refrigerator is important to me. It is very convenient that the freezer is downstairs. You use it less often than the main compartment. For almost 20 hours, the refrigerator keeps cold in case of a power outage - this is generally a salvation, because I live in a village and the light is often turned off here.See full review


There is an Omron connect US / CAN / EMEA application - which has everything - a comment on measurements, manual data entry (although it can only be entered at a given point in time, although the choice is available there, it will not record it by the set date. Adding and indicating symptoms . You can install it if you change the region to another country. The application itself is in 2022n.See full review

keter gear toolbox 17200382, 56.4x35x31 cm, 22"" , black logo

If you want to get the most out of this suitcase, then I advise you to use the space in the lid. For example, you can make two plexiglass doors with magnetic latches. The best option is neodymium 15x10 mm cylindrical. If you take less, then there is a risk: opening the door, with a strong slamming of the lid. And there is no point in taking magnets of greater strength, since the door will have to be opened not with one hand, but with two, which is inconvenient. In general, 15x10 is the best optiSee full review


Different pros: Problem solved. Changed to the same wheels while mine were being repaired! Got cons: Scratched new discs in a circle! Waiting time wasn't impressive either.See full review


In general, the expected quality of washing, but it’s impossible to understand that the sink has finished working, for competitors, at least the door opens at the end of the cycle or at least a sound alert, nothing here, go guess if it still works or not.See full review


An excellent device for the money, quickly set up a smart home in the system. Cool "gadget" with illumination. In my application, I set up scenarios for the humidity sensor, now the humidifier itself changes the intensity, turns off and on, I just have to "refuel" and sometimes rinse itSee full review


The quality is good, I checked - the macbook with the factory unit is charging. The only and most important wish: make them not so oaky, very hard and inflexibleSee full review


I filled this oil in hyundai creta 2.0 during scheduled warranty maintenance, the dealer did not have any questions! The engine works well, no worse than on the shell helix hx8. I was also very pleased with the technical support of this brand and the presence of its own GT oil club, where you can register and receive bonus for each purchase! When buying gt-oil products, you are guaranteed to be protected from fakes, but now it has become very dangerous to buy more famous brands ((See full review


With its pros: Good. Quality rubber. Rows well in loose snow. Holds the road well Got cons: It seems to me that there are not enough spikes, although there is nothing to compareSee full review


Month, normal flight Its pros: Same as redmi 7, convenient and functional. Large memory, fast charging. As long as it holds a charge. Cons: Screens of quick buttons and notifications are not very conveniently made. A lot of ads and unnecessary applications a priori, but they are easy to remove.See full review

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