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Review on HP 27 Inch Adjustment FreeSync Technology 2560X1440P, 165Hz, Tilt Adjustment, Height Adjustment, Pivot Adjustment, ‎2V7U3AA#ABA by Andrew Quan

Won the LG Panel lottery. Lost the IPS Glow lottery. 1 year warranty.

Get an HP X27q during the second Treasure Truck Sale on July 13, 2022. As you can see in some of the reviews after July 13th, some have reported buying monitors with a BOE (BIM111) panel previously used instead of an LG (LIM101) panel. produced models that received many positive reviews. There are other reports of people getting a newer version of the LG panel (LIM111). It's a lottery at the moment. In my case I was lucky and received an old stock produced in August 2021 with a LG LIM101 panel and a FW monitor. No dead or stuck pixels. There is no flicker. Colors after using the color profile file from the review and their recommended settings and in 10-bit mode, the monitor's overall output looks great. This is my first IPS monitor. After using TN monitors for so long, it was a bit of a touch overload due to the image quality. Bottom left is very bad. If there's something dark in that corner, sitting in the middle will make it look washed out. I can either sit slightly to the left about an inch from center, or sit an arm and a half away to see the glow on the bottom left disappear so things like watching movies from further away aren't affected. The review included a pretty good representation of what I see using solid black and the monitor brightness set to 5, about an arm's length. The horizontal viewing angles are good. Vertical viewing angles are only good from below. The top is a little blurry and gets worse when the horizontal angle is added. It looks like it's coming from the IPS glow underneath. Compared to my Dell S2716DG with TN panel, the vertical viewing angle is significantly better from above. But to be honest, vertical viewing angles will never be an issue for me. The buttons on the back are just plain bad. Having a multi-monitor setup and having to press random buttons to switch inputs or make a different setup means I have to constantly rotate my side monitor, which I'm glad I have monitor arms. Simply pull out the buttons from the bottom of the bottom bar. The location of the front-facing Power LED is questionable, as the placement is simply 'there'. By default, the white LED isn't too bad during the day, but it's noticeable at night and can blind your eyes. And it turns a nice amber color when it goes into sleep mode, although it's still a bit light at night. HP gives us the option to turn it off entirely. But there seems to be a bug here. After the power indicator turns off and the monitor enters sleep mode for the first time, the indicator remains off. But if you wake it up and then it falls asleep with a "No Input" popup, the white LED will light up and stay on. It does not turn amber and stays white. The LED will then go out the next time you wake it up. The warranty period is only one year. But for me, after looking up my serial number, my warranty already started on April 15, 2022 and ends on May 9, 2023. So I have 10 months. Although I'm pretty sure they should have given my warranty as of purchase on July 13th, not April 15th with billing. So to evaluate the monitor. During the day, the IPS glow is imperceptible and the image quality is excellent overall. There is IPS glow in the evening/night but I found a good brightness balance that works well, capped the IPS glow and didn't notice it when I was doing something. Although for others it may not be possible. A vertical angle that doesn't bother me but needs to be increased. And the power LED error can be a big problem for some. Finding out that I can have a less than a year warranty really sucks so I'm giving it 3 stars instead of 4. If this monitor ever came down to the price of a $175 treasure car, I'd try and get another. and would recommend trying it. This is Revain so there is no problem with returns. At a regular price of around $250, I would really look at other monitors in this price range before considering this X28q. It should be noted that other major electronics stores no longer carry this model, and the website for HP's own store doesn't even have a page for it. Is it possible that this treasure truck sale was meant to be hauling the last major batch of these monitors before they are discontinued?

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Pros & cons

  • Great monitor, good color, resolution and refresh rate. No speakers.
  • Bad picture quality

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