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Review on ATIVAFIT Exercise Bike: Foldable Fitness Indoor Cycling With Resistance Bands - Home Workout! by Rashid Summers

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Any kind of exercise is a plus for any household.

Pros:1. The machine ratings are pretty accurate. I am 6'0 with a 30" inseam and I have no problems sitting on this machine. The 300 lb max rating seems accurate as well, because I don't feel in danger at all with no squeaking from the machine as I ride it.2. Ease of assembly. I had absolutely none of the problems any of the complaints I've read about for this product. From start to finish, there are 11 screws, 1 adjustment knob, 1 safety pin, 2 pedals (1 is turn left to tighten) and 2 AAA batteries (not included) to put the whole thing together.3. The structure of the machine is made out of metal, and even though it may look flimsy because of the X form it takes, the support bar under the seat provides much of the weight bearing and you won't find yourself breaking the bike as you ride it.4. Ease of use. You don't need to push any buttons or subscribe to a service or twist all these different knobs or connect to a phone to get started. Literally just start pedaling and adjust the resistance knob to your liking.5. Large pad between the handlebars for a tablet. I can easily fit a 10" tablet on this and it does not slip or move at all during cycling. Since I watch TV while exercising this isn't really a useful feature for myself but for those who keep the machine somewhere with no visual distraction this is useful.6. The bars and important parts are made of a hard plastic. Easy to wipe down and does not wear with use like a rubber/foam bar would.Cons:1. The seat is not comfortable. Maybe for women who don't have hanging parts this would not be an issue but you definitely feel discomfort after about 30 minutes of cycling as a male. I alleviated this by adding a towel and scooting forward on the seat just a couple inches than I would naturally sit on a bike seat.2. The dinky little meter that comes with the bike is as basic as it gets. I don't need a high-tech display that tells me what's happening, but some might and this would be a con. I just alternate between distance/time and don't really care for the heart rate or any other setting.3. No water bottle holder. You will need to either hold it in your lap or keep a table next to you if you require water during your workout.4. No adjustable parts besides the seat and wheel resistance. The handlebars require you to lean forward and keep that position for the entire workout unless you sit up and just bike that way, which eliminates the use of the heart rate sensors.Conclusion:Buy this if you want to burn calories. In this day and age everybody can burn a few more calories, especially while sitting around and watching TV. You can easily do that and not worry about a gym membership or spending thousands of dollars on niche equipment that you probably wouldn't use correctly anyway.

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  • The adjustable seat and handlebars allow for a comfortable and customizable workout experience
  • May not provide a challenging enough workout for experienced athletes

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