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Review on πŸ’Ύ High-capacity Toshiba Canvio Basics 2TB Portable External Hard Drive USB 3.0 in Black - HDTB420XK3AA by Amy Mcleod

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Good hard drive for a reasonable price.

Hello readers of the Review. As I mentioned in some of my previous reviews, I am fond of photography. During my hobby, I have accumulated a decent amount of footage. The large volume is also due to the fact that I shoot in RAW format, since this format is very flexible in further processing the image. But each such file, shot on my Nikon D5300 camera, takes about 30 MB. As a result, the total volume is already approaching 1 TB. From my personal experience, I know that all valuable information must be duplicated. Once upon a time, a hard drive on my computer once failed. But since I dubbed all the photos on DVDs, this malfunction did not lead to permanent data loss. But the days of DVDs are gone, and large amounts of data make you look in the direction of external hard drives. And they are much faster in speed, which makes the duplication process more enjoyable. Having studied the issue, I opted for an external Toshiba Canvio Basics 2 TB hard drive (HDTB320EK3CA). I ordered it on one of the Internet resources, and after a couple of days it was already on my table. It is sold in a cardboard box. The front side shows the hard drive itself, as well as its overall dimensions. It is also indicated that the hard drive has a USB 3.0 data transfer connector. The reverse side of the package does not have particularly valuable information, except that you can see the country of origin, in this case it is the Philippines. Now let's move on to unpacking. We open the top of the box and see that the hard drive is quite securely packed with air-filled polyethylene. The kit comes with the hard drive itself, instructions and a USB 3.0 cable. The USB 3.0 connector on the hard drive itself has such an elongated look. Almost all external hard drives have this form of connector. This is due to the increased power consumption of these drives. And through the second smaller part of this connector (the one on the right), additional power is supplied. Let's move on to the appearance of the hard drive. The corners of the body are rounded. The material is plastic. The surface is rough, which prevents it from slipping out of the hands. But, however, if the hands are a little sweaty, then traces remain on the case, although they are easily erased. On the top of the case flaunts the inscription Toshiba and LED indicator. There is a nameplate on the bottom side, where the serial number, model, volume, as well as the amount of current consumed - 1A are indicated. The big advantage is the presence of four rubber feet. Thanks to them, the hard drive does not slide on the table and lies on it, as if rooted to the spot. The length of the USB cable is sufficient - 55 cm, I did not have any inconvenience associated with such a length. The blue color of the connector indicates its format - USB 3.0. Now let's move on to testing the speed of reading and writing. When you connect a hard disk to a computer, the disk is automatically recognized by the operating system (Windows), no additional drivers need to be installed. There are already two PDF files on the hard disk, including the safety and operating instructions. For the purpose of measuring the speed of hard drives, flash drives and memory cards, I use the Crystal Disk Mark program. She showed these results. But in practice, when transferring a large amount of JPG files, the speed looked like this (Windows 8.1) In general, I am satisfied with the hard drive, especially considering its budget.

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  • Comfortable case, reasonable price, good packaging.
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