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Review on Gildan Mens T Shirt White Large Men's Clothing for T-Shirts & Tanks by Doris Tran

Gildan Mens Consistency, quality, classic: the whole truth about this product

Hi all! Today I want to talk about a men's polo shirt from the famous Columbia brand. My husband bought it recently in a branded offline store on "Red Square" in Krasnodar, because he has long loved and wears things from this brand. The t-shirt is sewn in the best traditions of the classic t-shirt - a hybrid of a shirt and a t-shirt: with a short fastener, with a stand-up collar and a short sleeve. This model has a noble wine color and is suitable not only for playing tennis or golf, but also for office use. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that T-shirts have long migrated from the courts to city offices and business style). This model is sewn in Indonesia, and sewn very high quality - without jambs, protruding threads and bumps. Judging by the texture and weaving of the fibers of the material, it will not be demolished for 100 years. But to my horror, at a price of 2490 rubles. not even a single percent of natural fibers are present in the composition of the fabric. According to the marking - 100% - polyester!!! Although, probably, it is high time to get used to the fact that many sports brands are now almost completely replacing cotton compositions from their production, replacing them with synthetics created using their "exclusive patented" technology. In fact, every respected sports brand now has such technologies. Only they are called differently for everyone, and the technology itself and the principles of its operation are, in general, the same for all brands))), for example: FLASHDRY technology from The North Face So Columbia has not become an exception to the general trend and makes things according to its own "type of unique" Omni-Wick technology, which is an effective quick-drying system for removing fumes from the body. According to the information from the official website of the manufacturer, fabrics with this technology quickly remove sweat, instantly absorb moisture, then spread it over the entire surface of the fabric and instantly bring it out. Well, I must say that in the conditions of the Krasnodar heat, this technology still justified itself). On the T-shirt, you really can’t see any sweating, drops from the air conditioner falling from above, and even a fine rain. At the same time, the body breathes and the fabric itself with a slight chill effect, according to the spouse, is refreshing in the heat and is very pleasant to the body. The material is really pleasant to the touch, you can’t even say that there is bare synthetics, and by the way it doesn’t electrolyze at all. Easy to wash - in a machine without the addition of special equipment. If you take it out of the machine immediately after washing and hang it on a coat hanger to dry, then ironing may not be required. And finally, about how this polo looks on a sporty male body: it looks and sits very well))) - brutal, and at the same time elegant, thoroughbred and flawless))). It's a pity that my husband did not want to become a model for this review, so take my word for it, without a photo). In general, I would give this T-shirt a solid five, if not for 100% - polyester in the composition (well, I don’t like synthetics, I’m not used to it yet). And so - from me a four with a plus. I recommend to all men!

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Pros & cons

  • Beautiful, good quality, comfortable
  • 100% Polyester.

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