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Review on Gildan Mens T Shirt White Large Men's Clothing for T-Shirts & Tanks by Jessica Lewis

Excellent quality, happy shopping!

I want to dedicate my review to men's t-shirts. My husband is a big fashionista. It is hard to please him in the choice of clothes. For the past few years, he has been liking clothes in the SportMaster store. He loves sporty style and I love this store for the great quality. Less than a month ago, we went for new clothes and got on sale in the specified store. Of course, there were no T-shirts. They are always needed and there are never many of them. This is the T-shirt we bought. This is not the first time we buy in this store, so we have experience in wearing these things. The quality is top notch. The fabric is dense, does not shine through. The drawing does not paint after washing, does not exfoliate, it keeps perfectly for several years. The t-shirt is not whimsical in care. The most important thing is the first few washes (for me, 5-6), when it is necessary to wash at 30. After this period, I see that the thing has not "sat down", has not warped and calmly wash it at higher temperatures. I use any means for washing: gels, powders, capsules, conditioners. I land on an ordinary rope in a suspended state. The fabric remains soft, pleasant, does not stretch and does not lose its original appearance. Ironing is simple and easy, like all household items. The spouse has a large selection of T-shirts, so they don’t drag them quickly, for a year, or even a year and a half, this thing is definitely enough. And then we will "wear" it at home or in the country. All T-shirts from the "SportMaster" collection have an excellent fit. They are slightly elongated. They can be easily tucked into jeans, treacherously no "bellies” come out of them. The store always has a good collection of T-shirts, there is always plenty to choose from. The price range is different. From four hundred rubles to a thousand. But these things are worth it. They are a pleasure to wear and take care of. And most importantly, the sizes match perfectly! If the husband has a Russian size 50, then in this store this is also a full size. You can buy without trying on, there will be no surprises!

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