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Review on Elden Ring PlayStation 5 by Link Link

Revainrating 5 out of 5

First open world souls like game


How did I get this game, I wanted to play this game as soon as it was announced, but I couldn’t, because I studied very poorly, because of this I was able to play it only a year after the release, and forgot about it until didn’t see it in the store, I watched the trailer and remembered that this is the same game that I had been waiting for three years, and downloaded it, an interesting purchase story, I forgot to turn off the Playstation and left the gamepad on the table, my younger brother came to my room (he was one year) and bought it, he was able to go to buy and press the same button 3 times! so suddenly I got this game.


plot. most players say they didn't understand it at all, or didn't even know that this game had a plot. it is very confusing, and there are several endings that have their own plot, which is why I looked at the confusing one, and without videos on YouTube and explanations, you are unlikely to understand it. however, if you read absolutely all technologies and went through all the NPC quest lines, then perhaps you will understand something, and then the chance of this is small.


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quests. there are about twenty NPCs with quest lines in the game, the rest of the NPCs just talk to you, and so, the quests are so confusing that the players complained to the developers, and they added the display of the NPCs on the map in the update (this was not the case before, you had to remember where they were ) but even that didn't really help, because NPCs speak confusingly, or not completely, without saying all the information, or you need to use some kind of gesture to make something appear (NPCs don't talk about this) all this together makes the quests unrealistic, so there is a video on youtube with guides.

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bosses. there are many of them, they have an owl history and their own weapons, bows, shields, magical staves and magic that you can get from the reader of fingers after you defeat them and get their soul, which can be doubled in moving castles. there are only nine story bosses in the game (that is, mandatory and which can tell about the plot). I want to recommend that you go through the game without guides (if it's difficult, then use only guides for quests). each story boss is different, so you have to dress up to learn their attacks if you are not pumped, this is the whole point of the game, but if you are like me, go through the game thoroughly, then this will not be a problem.


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conclusion. the game is good, even the best among all the souls, as it is an open world, and this was not the case before this game

  • Big map
  • A lot of Bosses
  • 25 dungeons
  • Hundreds of weapoms
  • Good plot
  • Good graphics
  • Expensive
  • Hard questions
  • No other languages