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Review on Dell S2721D Ultra Thin DisplayPort Certified QHD2560X1440P, 75Hz, Built-In Speakers, HD by Radney Ruster

Dell provides terrible service, don't buy

I bought this monitor in 2021 on a work grant. It worked great for about a year and I was overall happy with it. About a year after purchase, the power cord stopped working. The power cord, in particular, no longer fitted properly into the outlet and was making faint electrical noises as if it weren't plugged in. I google this issue, it's VERY COMMON on Dell monitors and people on the internet are pointing out to seek warranty support. Luckily my monitor was just under warranty so I go through the entire online chat (which lasted over 45 minutes). The guy assured me that a new cable would be sent. However, later that night I received a confusing email from Dell saying my case was closed and no further action would be taken regarding the power cord that was sent. So I log in AGAIN, explain my full story AGAIN, send pictures AGAIN, and share my address and phone number AGAIN so they can send the cable. I think it's ok. A week goes by and no cable. So I log back into the Dell system to check. but there is no second case. The first case is closed, the second case does not exist. I still get weird emails from Dell saying "A technician is coming to see me" which is a little disconcerting. Do I really need a technician to install the power cord? Well, then Dell starts calling me, urging me to confirm that appointment, expecting the address to be in a different state across the country. I have no idea what's going on until yesterday I got a call from a very confused Dell tech asking why I wasn't home. I explain that I am not the person you are looking for. I'm sorry, but Dell made a mistake. Today I'm contacting Dell to try for the THIRD TIME and I'm still getting the legwork. Their game is clearly to make faulty hardware hoping it will expire after the warranty period and provide horrible service if it expires within the warranty period so people can't replace it. I haven't had a monitor for 3 weeks at this point and am about to break down and go to the store to replace the power cord. Super disappointing and disgusting behavior from this company. I will never buy another Dell product again.

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Pros & cons

  • He does what I wanted. The buttons take some getting used to.
  • Low refresh rate

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