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Review on ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ Adidas Men's Black Aluminum Athletic Shoes by Denise Davis

Revainrating 4 out of 5

bought for my son and myself, black and not easily soiled

And our Adidas socks are the same as Nike men's socks - beautiful and with a fashionable brand, cheap and clear that linden, and even what kind) , of course, not the original for 40 rubles, but ordinary socks with an assigned logo at a low cost , so slandering products of such tailoring and attributing it to a well-known sports brand does not turn the tongue. If the fake Nike immediately climbed at the seams, then Adidas turned out to be a little stronger, the sonโ€™s socks were the first to go to waste and did not fall apart, so I bought myself a pair of sneakers for work as a working option. The composition contains cotton, which is good, but the main component also has almost 5 parts of the composition, and it is stated on the product label. The mode of care for the product always surprises me why I am in the world of modern technology and with a typewriter - the machine in the bathroom should wash socks manually in a basin in warm water and then gently dry them vertically, is it a small honor for socks) These socks are perfect for me to wear to work. They are dark and not easily soiled, only a neat logo is embroidered with red threads on the ankle. The socks are light and comfortable, which is important since my feet are constantly on the move, the sneakers are closed and my feet swell. The elastic band is soft and elastic, almost not noticeable on the legs. Mid-rise socks, above the ankles, but not to the knees. Tailoring is clumsy for all products of this batch, regardless of what Nike or Adidas is written on them, they release from one basement. The seam in the front of the toe area is clumsy and deforms all socks, as if my fingers are creating waves under the material. In my son, the seam is generally somehow weakly stitched and can disperse, as in Nike, but so far it is holding on and was washed a couple of times. My son has white ones, I have black ones, I feel good with my socks in care and itโ€™s bad with my sonโ€™s socks, Iโ€™m tired of washing, and Iโ€™ll tell you what I wash in another review. My socks, like the white version of my son, have a branded inscription on the foot. Written correctly, without Adidos and Abibos ... The threads are strong, they did not disperse from wearing. Wow, we wear Adidas, it's just class))) the most important thing is that there are no holes in this company Adidas on the leg yet, this is a plus) And so pretty socks for 40 rubles. Suitable for daily wear. The red logo looks neatly out from under the trousers, at least itโ€™s not a shame, he will go to school to wear to his son and me to work, my husband has his Adidas socks in size 43, so we are a sports family with a lot of Dishman socks!

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  • Price, good, comfortable
  • Clumsily sew

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