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Review on Polarized UV Protection Sunglasses For Men Women | RIVBOS RB833 Sports Fishing Driving Cycling Shades by Sean Reddy

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Recess lady approved! Sun, wind, dust and dirt blocked, Sturdy!

My favorite sunglasses of all time! I have 3 different pairs, 1 blue & white, 1 orange/pink & white, 1 yellow lenses black frames for night driving. I am a recess teacher, a mother of preteens, and the "handyman” at our house. I have a pair for work, 2 pairs in the car (night driving ones and blue/white ones), and a pair for home that I also take when we travel. I wear them basically anytime I step outside!The way they wrap around the face helps keep the wind, dust and dirt out of my eyes; which is a HUGE plus for someone with chronic dry eye syndrome! That also keeps any sunlight from "sneaking” in the side of the lenses and making me squint causing a headache.The polarization of the lenses is perfection! Again, not having to squint to see things is a tremendous help for this migraine sufferer! And I love being able to see the fish under the waters surface and guiding my kid’s casting when we’re fishing; a lot less whining and crying about leaving empty handed and much more "mom’s magical fishing stories” for the future are totally worth the $20+!They can also take quite the beating, on the frames, anyway! I have managed to keep the lenses scratch free, until the COVID lockdown, even though I have dropped every single pair but the yellow ones a million or more times. I have had the blue/white ones knocked off my face and to the ground a few times by basketballs or soccer balls at recess. I have even had them taken from my face, thrown up into the air and crashed to the ground at least twice, crazy kindergartners, but somehow magically missed the lenses! But I loaned them to my 10yo son, during the COVID lockdown, to protect his eyes from the sawdust of a home improvement project together and HE managed to put 2 large gouges across one lense and scuffed a bare spot on the other, without any scratch marks! It’s wasn’t as if he had them for months either, he had them for 1 hour!Anyway, I am purchasing a replacement pair right this minute! Because they are awesome!

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  • Lens pops out when cleaning. Other than that, nice glasses for the price.
  • May not fit well on smaller or larger faces