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Review on Cocopar Portable Monitor 4K 3840X2160 Lightwight 17.3", J173UH10F, 4K, IPS by Chris Lewis

Great portable creative monitor

Review: Cocopar's 17.3-inch 4K portable monitor exceeded my expectations and is worth the high price. Display quality and features: Resolution: This is the best display I have ever seen. This monitor supports true native 4k resolution and is extremely sharp. It's so sharp that individual pixels and aliasing are invisible to the naked eye. Tip: If you are using this monitor with a lower resolution (1080p) monitor in enhanced mode, I recommend scaling text and icons above 100%. They appear too small on a 4k resolution monitor. If your workflow requires the Adobe RGB color space, you can select a color profile directly from the monitor's OSD menu. I don't have a calibration tool to check the display's exact color and gamma range, but I did notice a significant improvement in color saturation and color range compared to a built-in 1080p laptop monitor that only supports sRGB. I verified this by opening a RAW file with an embedded Adobe RGB profile in Camera Raw and dragging a window between the two screens. I also set up two monitors in Windows display settings to Adobe RGB 1998 profiles. portability and convenience. The best thing about this monitor is its portability, ease of setup and startup. The monitor weighs 2.2 pounds and I find it very light for its size. If you use USB Type-C, you can set up your monitor very quickly because it supports video and power delivery; So you only need one cable to operate the monitor. Excellent customer service and warranty Cocopar support responds quickly to emails and explains warranty details very clearly. Registering the product was very easy. This is the only company I have seen that offers a 3 year warranty against manufacturing defects. For detailed warranty information, please visit their website: Great packaging and presentation. The box that comes with the monitor looks very professional. All items are highly organized and covered with protective foam and plastic wrap. All advertised items are included in the box, including the instructions. The manual is very clear and includes pictures and diagrams to help you set up your monitor properly.

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