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Review on Duex Portable Monitor Laptops Compatible 12.5", 1920X1080P, 60Hz, Attachable Laptop Monitor, Glossy Screen, DUEXLITEGREY, IPS by Dennis Bennett

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Something I didn't know I needed

Duex Lite was an unexpected surprise that I didn't know I needed until I got it; After trying it for the first time, I realized I couldn't go back to just using one screen. I ordered the Duex Lite in Cool White (it also comes in Deep Grey) and I'm so glad I did because its sleek and clean design matches my MacBook perfectly. The dual screen attaches securely to my laptop with just four magnets (this assumes the magnets are permanently attached to your laptop). This mounting technology provides better stabilization and attachment to my laptop, sliding two screens and using the screen on either side of my laptop. Even better, these magnets are reusable and in the event that your magnets become detached from your laptop, additional stickers are included that can be easily re-attached to the magnets. Duex Lite is lighter and more portable than Duex. The Pro is definitely the Pro of its design. It can hang on my laptop without the screen falling forward or backward. And its portability has definitely proved essential; As a full-time college student, I can rely on this product whether I'm doing dorm work, class work, or the library because it's incredibly compact and convenient. But its practicality isn't just limited to its portability - the screen can be used in a multitude of ways for a variety of purposes. The Duex Lite can be placed on a stand instead of being attached to a laptop, used in portrait mode, or rotated 180 degrees to switch to presentation mode. I found the presentation mode particularly helpful, especially in the group project settings. With this product I can work more efficiently. For example, I can open an online lecture, large-scale meeting, or e-textbook on one screen while working on multiple assignments on another screen. It's definitely a lot easier than opening and shuffling multiple tabs - a real challenge that resonates with many students. I am currently using this product on a 13" MacBook Air with an M1 chip. The product is sized to fit the back of my laptop and there have been no issues with the M1 chip and this hardware. The setup and installation process for this technology was easy to follow, but there were a few extra steps that I had to figure out on my own during installation (probably because MacBooks with an M1 chip are slightly different than other IOS devices). Also, I have a dual screen on the left since the USB-C ports are on the left on the newer MacBooks (it should also be noted that the cable that comes with it supports both USB-C and USB-A -ports can be connected). . Because I placed my Duex Lite on the left side of the laptop instead of the standard right side, I had to rotate the screen and this could be done using the dual screen display settings. More features in the display settings allow for a bright display as well as various scalable resolution options. Overall, I really enjoyed working with Duex Lite and would definitely recommend it, especially to any student who wants to work more efficiently.

img 1 attached to Duex Portable Monitor Laptops Compatible 12.5", 1920X1080P, 60Hz, Attachable Laptop Monitor, Glossy Screen, DUEXLITEGREY, IPS review by Dennis Bennett

  • Using it on my Acer Predator for a second screen works great, love it!
  • Screen burn-in: This occurs when a static image is displayed on the monitor for too long and continually burns into the screen.

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