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Review on Clariti by Dang Esq

Fantastic Software! Great customer service too

I like that it lets me do my job quickly yet accurately; for example, when entering an address into Google maps to find directions from one place to another, instead of having to type in each individual street number by hand or have multiple tabs open at once (like with other apps), you can simply click "Find Directions". It makes life easier all around!! Sometimes there are issues where things don't load properly as needed but overall this is still very user friendly and accurate software. Overall great product/service. We use our map database system so much more efficiently than we used before now because everything has been streamlined together using only 1 app. This saves time & money while also being efficient since not 2 people need access anymore rather just us. Also sometimes if something does go wrong then it could be difficult figuring out what was going off track - however they always respond right away via.

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Pros & cons

  • The ability
  • To pull up information fast without lagging behind.
  • Great interface! Easy navigation through options.
  • No problems found thus far except maybe some minor bugs here n' thar along w way
  • Almost never

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