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Batman BAT5038 Black Teacher Watch

I bought this watch for my second grader for Christmas. It could barely tell the time on an analog watch and I thought it could use some speeding up. He was very excited when he received the watch and even more so when he realized it was Batman. I love that it's a simple velcro strap so he can put it on and take it off himself. I also like that the dial isn't huge, but we can still easily read both sets of numbers to tell the time. The only thing I would change if I could is that 60 goes over 12. I know it's set to 60 minutes but this is confusing for a child trying to figure out what time it is. I would like, so it says 00 instead. It doesn't, it in no way diminishes our enjoyment of the watch, it's just a personal preference. The quality is good, it seems to be holding up very well, especially as this irresponsible 7 year old wears it to school and to play. I would definitely recommend this watch for learning the time and as an accessory for any boy or girl who loves Batman.See full review

jackshibo sandals toddler stranger dinosaur boys' shoes logo

JACKSHIBO Sandals Toddler Stranger Dinosaur Boys' Shoes

Dino shoes

My son loves his new shoes. He is an avid dinosaur fanatic. When he saw the dinosaurs on his new boots, he was overjoyed. They are light. Mom (me) is easy to dress and easy to undress too. We bought them slightly larger than his current shoe size so he can wear them longer. There is a small heel strap that helps keep the shoe in place. But overall we really like them. And they were cheap.See full review

portable flexible adjustable universal compatible accessories & supplies logo

Portable Flexible Adjustable Universal Compatible Accessories & Supplies

Cool & Practical

Such a stylish tripod! Perfect size, not bulky at all. As shown in the picture, slightly larger than my 8.5 x 11 frame. Ease of installation. Can be folded up easily. The CAMERA remote fits perfectly in the palm of my hand, slightly larger than a keychain and smaller than a car remote. The camera remote easily syncs to my iPhone via Bluetooth and works great for both photos and videos. This multipurpose tripod is perfect for any TikToker, allowing you to dance hands-free as it rotates so you can record vertically on the TikTok app. A sturdy tripod so it doesn't fall off and no more bad group shots trying toSee full review

charleston belt carolina award winning embroidered boys' accessories in belts logo

Charleston Belt Carolina Award Winning Embroidered Boys' Accessories in Belts

Excellent quality belt. The bright palmetto logo can be seen everywhere. The leather front is much smaller (in width) than the rest of the strap, which makes it a little fun. I sent it back because of this, but otherwise a great belt.See full review

cancelling headphones bluetooth microphone playtime logo

Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Microphone Playtime

First of all these are MPOW headphones no matter what brand is listed on Revain. Came in a branded MPOW box and that's it. And that was fine with me, I have another pair of MPOW Bluetooth headphones and they are great but lack noise canceling so I figured they would end up being the same quality. a month and they are already dying. The headphones will randomly disconnect and reconnect, and they will randomly turn on and off even when fully charged. I didn't overuse them, I didn't get them wet, I didn't charge them, and I didn't use breakaway cables. There is no reason why they should have problems shortly after purchase. Headphones are comfortable, noise-cancelling isn't the best, but it's not the worst either, and battery life is pretty decent, but they're clearly not built to last. save your moneySee full review

winter outwear snowsuit clothing children boys' clothing in jackets & coats logo

Winter Outwear Snowsuit Clothing Children Boys' Clothing in Jackets & Coats

Cute and functional!

This coat is very cute! I bought size 8-9 years (L) for a little girl who is 8 years old and it fits perfectly! The quality of the cloak exceeded my expectations!.Very beautiful...It was a great gift for the little mermaid!.See full review

yanlu plaid formal dresswear blue logo

Yanlu Plaid Formal Dresswear Blue

I ordered these for my three little boys aged 2, 5 and 6. The oldest is usually between 6 and 7. We measured it using the attached chart and sized it to be safe and 7 was too big. I returned it for 6 which we have not received yet. My kids are slim but not very skinny so I'm surprised at how roomy these tuxedos are. One of the shirt collars was stained with mud. The buttons are quite elaborate, the shirts cheaply made, but the suit itself is made of comfortable material.See full review

nickelodeon patrol sunglasses glasses protection logo

Nickelodeon Patrol Sunglasses Glasses Protection

Fits perfectly!

My 3 year old wears them perfectly. They don't fall or slide. That thing just makes it day. He learns to take care of his beautiful shadows like his mother. He sees through them perfectly and is ready to wear them outdoors more times than others I've tried.See full review

fashion lanyard decoration pendant colorful logo

Fashion Lanyard Decoration Pendant Colorful

Super cute, arrived very quickly and definitely worth buying, very good material. I would 100% recommend the purchaseSee full review

mrcuff commercial cufflinks presentation polishing logo

MRCUFF Commercial Cufflinks Presentation Polishing

I really liked it! They came in a beautiful box and the cufflinks were beautiful. In excellent condition, they were the perfect gift for my friend who is a pilot! :)See full review

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