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Review on AOPEN UM.HE1AA.001 27E1 Monitor with 75Hz Refresh Response and Wide Screen by Brian Delgado

Revainrating 3 out of 5

Good as an additional display (see details). Conditionally recommended

AOPEN 22CV1Q bis 21.5″ is the simplest monitor imaginable. At under $80, it's about as cheap as a monitor can get given the panel, panel controller board, power supply, frame, case, stand, and packaging. , international delivery - and then delivery to you. Considering they have to make margins as well, the price is actually pretty amazing. So what do you get? The AOPEN monitor is manufactured by a subsidiary of Acer. It has a VA panel in the case. with about 3/8 inch bezel. It's not terrible and pretty much typical of what you would have gotten about 5 years ago. In fact, the entire monitor appears to be an old product that has been refurbished. There is a cheap stand that attaches to a cheap base. There is an HDMI cable and you get POWER BRICK. Pooh. I'm usually a fan of IPS panels, but most of the time I was just glad I didn't get a TN panel in this monitor. Why? Well, I decided to use this monitor as an additional display in portrait mode. A TN panel with weak viewing angles was not suitable for this. The VA panel, although not IPS, suits me. The backlight isn't particularly bright, but seems to have decent backlight uniformity. I only used the HDMI input. It also has a VGA input, but I didn't use it. The OSD is ugly but functional. I attached the screen to the monitor arm, so I didn't assemble the stand. I could say it's garbage without using it. AOPEN has VESA mounting holes at the same level, which is good. Then he blows it off (a little) by keeping the sloping part of the base permanently attached. Rough. I have attached a picture of the remaining attachment. Sure, you can rip the monitor apart (an exposed screw and likely more under stickers), but who wants to do that to get rid of something that should be easily removable? After all, AOPEN is fine. This is a standard secondary or emergency display, but I'd try to get something better/bigger/brighter/faster/more attractive if you're on a bigger budget. Conditionally recommended

img 1 attached to AOPEN UM.HE1AA.001 27E1 Monitor with 75Hz Refresh Response and Wide Screen review by Brian Delgado

  • This came in handy and works great with a great image for working from home
  • Very expensive

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