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Review on AOPEN 27E1 Monitor Refresh Response 75Hz, Wide Screen, ‎UM.HE1AA.001 by Sam Rao

Good basic monitor with a few features

AOPEN 22CV1Q bi 21.5" Full HD (1920 x 1080) VA monitor for work and home (1 HDMI and VGA port) Details from the box, in addition to the monitor, you will find a plastic base, a short plastic collar, the I believe , designed to lift the monitor off the base, the monitor itself, a small wall-mounted transformer for the power supply, and a plastic bag with instructions and parts inside. Your parts bag includes a printed booklet with instructions in several different languages, a HDMI cable and a bag of small plastic screws that you need to screw onto the monitor stand.The installation instructions are pretty straightforward, but if you're familiar with building an external monitor [or TV], you've probably won The assembly instructions for the stand are easy just tells you to put the pieces together and use screws, not too complete but someone who has never e assembled a monitor stand may want a picture showing what needs to be done. The instructions mention the included screw mounting tool [not included with my monitor], but a few lines below say you may not have that tool. A bit confusing, yes you may or may not get this tool, but all you need is a Philips screwdriver. Once you have everything assembled and the base screwed into place, you have three simple connectors on the back of the monitor: a power connector, a VGA connector, and an HDMI connector. Turning on the monitor should be easier than it really is. - Below the center of the monitor are five buttons for adjusting the performance and graphics. You can't see them without physically lifting the monitor and looking, but they're textured so you can feel they're there, but you can't tell them apart other than by position. Without the brochure there would be no way of telling what each button does other than through trial and error. Not the best option for button placement in my opinion. The quality of the picture is normal. It's not grainy at all, and playing Netflix on it was crisp and smooth, so there's no problem with moving graphics. So if you like to, or occasionally need to, adjust your monitor, don't lose this book and keep it handy. Even if it's only two pages per language, you'll need them in the future to know what those buttons are. It would be helpful if the keys were arranged differently or if the manufacturer included a small card with the key assignment and legend. After using the computer for a while, I often leave the device on or in sleep mode and walk away from it. . I usually turn off the monitor to save power. This seems to be a problem with this monitor. Maybe it's just my fault, but when I press the power button again to turn it off, it goes into setup mode. After a period of non-use, it goes to "sleep" and turns off the display.

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Pros & cons

  • Good picture quality.
  • Mostly ok but...

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