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Review on YEYIAN Sigurd Curved Frameless Monitor 27", 165Hz, Curved Screen, Flicker-Free, Pivot Adjustment, YMC-70102 by Jamaal Panigoro

oversaturated quality

I got this monitor a few days ago and have been using it for a variety of tasks and getting a feel for it. The refresh rate is a great upgrade after years of 60Hz gaming, and the vibrant colors really make gaming pop. A big upgrade from my previous gaming experience. However, the overall user experience is definitely problematic. I've been adjusting the color on this monitor since I've had it and after many hours I still can't get it to look right. When watching standard content, especially videos with real people, everything looks oversaturated and there is no way to adjust the saturation in the monitor settings. I tried to fix it with the software but to no avail. White colors appear bluish-green in my web browser or in type, no matter how much I adjust the colors and contrast. In live video content, colors that are too bright will produce reddish skin and a visible warm yellow filter in all frames. Flashing colors look great in video games and animated video content, but otherwise they're distracting, so it's definitely worth considering what you're going to be using this monitor for before you buy. The manual that came with the monitor is almost useless. It even lacks basic assembly instructions (which are thankfully fairly simple but frustrating at first - tip: use the set screw at the bottom or the screen faces the ceiling) and contains a few typos. Monitor settings are easy, and adjusting the monitor color to a near-acceptable value was extremely time-consuming and, as mentioned, still left excessive blue-green. Trying to reduce these colors just leaves the monitor dull and washed out, so due to the lack of a monitor saturation control I basically gave up. It's a decent monitor with great looking games and I appreciate the high refresh rate for a decent price, but the color issues make me advise against this monitor. I recommend looking elsewhere for a monitor with wider color settings.

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Pros & cons

  • I love it very much! But it shakes the stand a lot and I don't even know why
  • Color Interference: If the color settings are not properly adjusted, the display may appear erratic or distorted.

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