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Review on Extendable Scratcher Stainless Telescoping Beautiful by Nick Kasilowski

The husband wanted to hide the traces of scratches on his back, but the back in the plantain aroused

Good day to you! It seems to me that it happens to everyone, sometimes it itches somewhere, but you can’t scratch it, due to the fact that there is no physical opportunity to get to the treasured itchy island of your body. - Yes, what's itching like that?! - we exclaim and ask for help from our family members - Scratch! What if no one is home? And if there is no family, did not have time to acquire, or is the family simply far from you? And what if there seems to be someone to ask for help, but you can’t ask? Like, for example, my husband, who works in a car service: if you need to scratch your back, and your hands are dirty, and you and everyone who works with you. What to do and how to be? Don't worry, China is helping us. In the hypermarket "Auchan" in the department with bath accessories, among brooms, washcloths and essential oils, a telescopic comb for the back, brand "Bathing things" is sold. Not a clever little invention, but all ingenious is simple. As they say, the spool is small and expensive. That only there is a name of a product: "chesalka". Divine! Something truly Russian... a comb, a twister, a swivel, a winder, a digger, a wheelchair... I wonder what the Chinese themselves, who produce this product, call it? How can the word "chessalka" be translated into other languages? However, I digress from the topic. The cost of a comb is 130 rubles. It is a telescopic school pointer with a comb fixed to it in the form of a human hand. The comb is made of metal, while its weight is only 60 grams. Handle for ease of use, rubberized. Imitation of a comb under a human brush looks very funny, the mood immediately rises. At the same time, the rounded shape of the "fingers" of the comb allows you not to scratch the skin when combing and does not cause any discomfort. When folded, the length of the comb is 20 cm. The handle is easily extended, the maximum length of the comb is 70 cm. We bought 2 pieces at once: we left one at home - this is my husband's favorite pastime (more than anything, he loves when his back is scratched); the husband took the second scratcher to work (now you can scratch your back both at home and at work, the husband’s joy knows no bounds). If you also relax from scratching your back, then this tool will certainly appeal to you. I recommend to buy.

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Pros & cons

  • Inexpensive and compact accessory.
  • Not found.

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