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Review on Mens Valet Box Organizer: Large Leather Tray W/ Charging Station & Jewelry Box For EDC Accessories by Sara Gowan

Revainrating 3 out of 5

A good box but a little bit pricey

This is a beautiful looking valet for sure. But when you feel it you realize that it’s not really made of premium materials. It has faux leather and suede which is animal friendly, but not premium. I’m not sure what’s underneath. It feels too light to be wood. It’s probably that high density cardboard. A lot of my high-end headphone boxes are made like this which leads me to believe that the fake leather on the outside will wear off over time like it did on those boxes. Well they claim to have a lifetime warranty but we shall see. I hope that doesn’t happen to this but I’m just not convinced of the "premium quality” of this thing. The fingers don’t lie and my fingers tell me that it’s just OK.In this price range there’s a lot of competition and I think some nicer boxes out there for less. Boxes with integrated phone chargers and actual hidden drawers that are not obvious. This has a bottom drawer which pulls out for various tchotchkes and a pull out drawer from the side in the back. They call it a hidden drawer, but even if it was, it’s not anymore. And it’s not really hidden because it’s very obviously there if you just look at the box. I’ve seen actual hidden drawers where you have to hit a secret little latch and they are pretty fun. And not obvious whatsoever.The glass lid is nice and I can take out the jewelry portion because I don’t wear rings or any such things. The layout is mostly well thought out but you can tell they have no idea what to do with it in the photos since they put duplicate things in several of the boxes.One of the ways to stand out is to give your valet an adjustable layout so people can customize it to what they want. There are a few on here that do that.The phone holder has a notch for the cable to come up and charge your phone. But really if there was ever a situation for a wireless phone charger this is it. They even have the space underneath the cubby where the phone is supposed to go.I like this and I’ll use it but it’s not worth $100. And I have my doubts as to the long-term viability of this just because of what happened to my headphone boxes. I know they say they have a lifetime warranty but if it’s going to cost me 50 bucks in shipping to send it off it’s not really worth it is it. I’ve had many an item where it was not cost-effective to take advantage of the so-called warranty.But even if I give the company the benefit of the doubt on their service, I just I’m still not convinced. It’s nice enough but the price still seems very high. There are some very nice looking boxes on Ebay around the $30 price range.This would be a five star item at 30 bucks and a four-star item at 50. I would really call this 3 1/2 stars for now and see how it holds up . But Ebay doesn’t let us leave half stars. But this feels like an item in the range of three stars, especially if you compare it to jewelry boxes for women and see how much more they get for the same amount of money. This is essentially a jewelry box for a guy.

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  • Shoe, Jewelry & Watch Accessories
  • The size of the product may take up too much space on a dresser or nightstand