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Review on HashBit Blockchain by David Olayide

Fast Rising Blockchain: HashBit Blockchain

Hashbit.It is good to always be on the lookout for new and innovative blockchain technological solutions. A new era is upon us and decentralization is becoming more widespread than ever before. This also includes the mass adoption of exciting blockchain solutions across the world. In this light, my researches have brought me across the Hashbit Blockchain which I interacted with. The Hashbit Blockchain may be relatively new to the blockchain technology sector, but it is without a doubt, growing very fast since it’s launch in 2021. The project proffers to be one of the safest, fastest and most decentralized blockchain, which definitely sets a pace of competition! There are many features expected of a fully efficient and capable today. Many existing blockchains have issues related to speed, scalability, transaction fees and energy consuming and mining protocols. These deficiencies inhibit a blockchain's performance ability and thus drives the need for more efficient and decentralized systems. This is where Hashbit hopes to make a difference. By innovation, Hasbit utilizes a proof-of- stake consensus protocol and algorithm to ensure that the system requires minimal hardware and also greatly reduce energy usage, making it highly energy efficient and reliable. Other very attractive features of the Hashbit Blockchain includes a good network infrastructure, security and speed which are highly valuable when it comes to decentralization. Personally with all the innovative technology and processes adopted and utilized on the Hashbit Blockchain, I like to see the project as a completely viable ecosystem comprised of multiple sectors that include such features as a decentralized digital asset exchange platform, a voting system for collective consensus, a marketplace and even data cloud services among many others. All these sectors combine and work hand in hand to create a conducive and sustainable ecosystem for all users. I am particularly impressed by the transactions speeds obtainable at Hashbit which falls in the range of 30 seconds, making it extremely fast. Developers are also at liberty to create as many decentralized blockchain affiliated applications as possible using the framework and protocols on Hashbit. Additionally Hashbit is free and has one of the lowest transaction fees model obtainable in the blockchain industry today. When it comes to positively attractive features, the list can only go on where Hashbit Blockchain is concerned. In conclusion I must Shay that this is certainly one decentralized blockchain to look out for. The future is here!

Pros & cons

  • HashBit utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism
  • Very low transactions fee model
  • Fast transaction speeds of about 30 seconds
  • Secured network
  • Efficient ecosystem
  • Yet to achieve mass adoption

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