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Review on Dell UltraSharp U2515H 25 Inch LED Lit Monitor: Crystal Clear Display and Superior Performance by Stephen Diaz

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This is the monitor you are looking for. A Retina-like display without the price and technical complexity of true 4K.

I recently switched from a (amazing) Lenovo X1 to a Retina MacBook Pro (also fantastic) and quickly realized that after seeing the sleek, sexy Retina display on the MBP, my trusty 2007 Dell WFP, we wouldn't cut it . it's more like my desktop monitors. It was an absolute requirement for me that replacement units didn't have a significant quality contrast to my MBP screen and boy does this monitor deliver. First of all, the 1440p IPS display on this monitor is fantastic. It's the same as the Apple Thunderbolt Display but at 25 inches, increasing the pixel density and producing a super-sharp image that's (in my experience) indistinguishable from the retina screen on my MBP when viewed from the desktop distance. And believe me, when it comes to sharpness, I'm very, very obsessed with consistency. This monitor gives you that awesome "print magazine" look you get on a retina display. It's important to note that while the display quality is fantastic, you don't get the OSX display scaling options that you get for a 4K display, so the UI feels a bit smaller. I get around this by scaling websites and documents and such, which I think is actually better since the definition of what's important to me, the content, is larger and the Chrome and browser OS are smaller and take up less space. Secondly, since it's not a 4K display, not only do you not have to pay the price, but you don't have to worry about upgrading your graphics card (and who knows what else) to make it work. If technology improves a bit I'm sure I'll take the plunge, but these monitors are more than enough to last me a few years. Finally, the thin bezels on this monitor are just gorgeous. This makes the thing look so sleek and futuristic both on and off. I have two of these side by side and they are just...amazing. The USB hub and multiple inputs are great, as is the fact that Dell monitors can be tilted, rotated and easily mounted on monitor arms. Very happy with this monitor.

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