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Review on Farvision ERP by Glen Needham

Useful database to manage business operations

The ease in which we can access all our data without having any technical knowledge is very useful for us as it saves time by not needing IT support or assistance with software installation etc., this has helped save money too! There are some things that could be improved but nothing major - just minor annoyances such as long loading times when accessing certain modules/pages (especially if there's heavy usage during peak hours) would help improve user experience overall.- Accessing information about stock levels- Being able find out quickly what order status an item needs updating so I don't have multiple emails going back & forth requesting updates every day.

Pros & cons

  • Ease to use, simple navigation system; once you learn how its super easy finding where everything goes at anytime even months later!!!!! This gives me confidence using far vision knowing i know exactly were anything will go should something happen like say power loss.etc,
  • Easy uploads from Excel files via csv file export..helps eliminate uploading errors sometimes associated wth other systems due lackluster format requirements
  • There are disadvantages