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Review on Globber 3 Wheel Scooter Wheels Adjustable by Micha Borkowski ᠌

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Everything about the product satisfied me, the price is perfect.

The child and we are happy. Runs with pleasure. The kid became "mobile" and able to move over relatively long distances. Approximately 2 years old - nothing broken. In the summer it is used almost every day. Requires periodic maintenance - washing, cleaning, lubrication. Steering squeak is treated with silicone grease. Over the entire period of operation, there was one replacement of the rear wheel - it is erased and turns into a polygon). Depends on the intensity of braking. At speed, when the brake is pressed hard, the wheel is blocked and erased on the asphalt. Attached a photo. Wheels fit standard from rollers. There will be another replacement soon. Recommended for purchase. Have a nice ride everyone. Addition after 2.5 - 3 years of operation. 1 Breakage of the spring of the swivel mechanism - replaced with an original spare part. 2. Breakage of the rear brake of the wing. In general, the design is quite reliable and high-quality spring steel. It was not possible to purchase the original spare part (no one has it in stock), but the size fits from the scooter -21st Scooter, Micro At a price of about 2 times cheaper than the original 3. 3rd rear wheel replacement. (every year on the wheel). I'm not lowering my overall rating. Scooter - fire.

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  • Good quality materials, durable plastic. Convenient and practical design, reliable and simple steering mechanism. Harder and simpler than the mini micro, but more reliable. Quality bearings. Bearings are also installed in the steering mechanism. Good roll. Luminous front wheels. Lightweight and comfortable. Excellent curved deck, comfortable steering wheel with rubber grips, chic brake.
  • I did not see any shortcomings. The need for periodic replacement of the rear wheel is not considered a disadvantage. See comments. Addition after 3 years of operation - it is difficult to find original spare parts. The swing mechanism spring was purchased from the original, and the wing-brake had to be bought not from the original, from a model from another manufacturer.