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Review on Modern Low Lead Single Handle Kitchen Faucet - OWOFAN Pull Down Sprayer In Brass Black & Brushed Nickel. by Francis Heart

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Just Love This Faucet!

I was a little skeptical about buying another no name kitchen faucet off Walmart due to the last one I bought, but this one is so worth it!The look is classic industrial. If that is the look you want, this meets that requirement.Flow and pressure is what impresses me the most. The last faucet I had claimed to be 1.8GPM, but would only do 1.3GPM with my standard municipal water pressure (don't know what it is exactly). This faucet will do 2.5GPM using the same supply lines. With the old faucet, 120*F water took 100 seconds to get there, and with this one needs just over 40 seconds. The positive lock sprayer mode is very nice, and I like that it is simply click on - click off, instead of the toggle type lever found on a lot of faucets that seems to just wear out.The arm is a bit short for actual use, only having an 8" spread from the base, and that isn't going to get you near the middle of your sink basin when the head is held by the arm. BUT, if you only use the arm to "store" the head, and leave the head free when actually using it, the distance is perfect! When the head is loose, it only moves about 1/4-1/2" or so when you turn it on/off, so just leave it loose for normal use (ie, company isn't coming over). The length out and angle of the faucet head will be great for normal use, and you can easily grab it and move wherever.We couldn't mount the base as one would do normally, as we have window trim at the same level as the flow control arm, but simply rotating the base a little bit solved that issue. From center of faucet base, you need about 3.5" for full control handle swing backwards (when mounted perpendicular to the wall), but rotate that about 20*, and the length needed is not that much. Once we rotated it that much, we found that having the arm forward for cold, and back for hot was actually more convenient as we would just use cold for quick rinses most of the time. Quick swap of the lines underneath, and the easily changeable indicator on the faucet, and done.Overall, could not be more pleased about this purchase. You simply can't get a better faucet for $80. It truly is one of those "if you are thinking about buying it, just buy it" kind of deals.

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  • Love the faucet, I just wish it would extend a little more when using the hand held.
  • Plastic components