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Review on Experience Wireless Music Like Never Before with Sony WI-C300 In-Ear Headphones in White by Darius Permada Buana ᠌

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Only disadvantages and no pluses, do not buy.

I love the Sony brand. I still remember their first Walkmans. Their players and headphones command respect! But this product is rubbish. I bought it exclusively for (watch YouTube and listen to music with one ear! at work!), and even while riding a bike on the highway (also with ONE ear!) For a full listening to music, of course, you should not take it. Lose or break - I definitely won’t buy the second one!

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  • Good price. Comfortable fit in the ears. Long working time. Normal (10 meters) bluetooth coverage area.
  • 1. Sound (after cayin N6 + sony xba a2), of course, is rather weak. Sharp cuts on treble. The bass is diffuse and soft. (there is no barrel - just a bunch and that's it) - of course, these are the consequences of an overly extended stereo base. Everything is like in 3D. Some genres are listened to well, but "meat" will not be here. And the thunder in the musical composition sounds like a big steel sheet. There is no power and pressure. But in general they sound harmonious, clean, without obvious distortions. 2. Remote Control Located 3 cm from the ear is not very convenient, but you can get used to it. the location of the panel with the buttons is at an angle relative to the cheek, which makes it impossible to take and press the button (you must first find it by turning the remote control to the required angle. Volumetric button indicators are good, but the working stroke of these buttons is too small and not very noticeable - this is bad. switching a track - not only do you need to hold the button for half an hour to switch the track, but it’s all accompanied by a sound signal . Moreover, the button’s movement is not obvious (Some masochist came up with such a control ! Sony! Well, what are you ?) a quick double tap would be much better. That's the only reason why you shouldn't buy them! 3. The battery is round - it constantly rolls up somewhere behind the collar, unpleasantly pulling the wire in the ears. 4. no magnets or an elementary paper clip to wear around the neck (so as not to lose) 5. when riding a bicycle, the wind blows into the microphone and the interlocutor cannot hear you. I continue my review. The right "ear" stopped working after half a year. A wire broke somewhere. It is not surprising, given its fragility. If you use one "ear" - they strive to leave somewhere, unpleasantly pulling the wire. For six months, the wire was pretty stiff. Wearing around the neck without listening is impossible. They constantly fall. Sony does not have the opportunity to put penny magnets. The wire with the remote control is short, I'm still not used to having to reach for it. Track switching is long. When leaving the BT zone, they connect themselves within 30 seconds. Further - themselves. As a result, I threw out this rubbish without regret.

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November 16, 2022
Its pros: The disadvantages are too critical for me to talk about the merits Different cons: There is no insulation, regardless of the size of the overlay. The sound is not impressive. A blinking indicator during operation is evil (especially if you use them in the dark).
November 16, 2022
The official SONY service - the CEPCO company - is disgusting. Engaged in "football" instead of warranty repairs
October 28, 2022
Bought the blue color - very cool! I buy Sony headphones not for the first time, I like them very much. The previous model is outdated - a small battery capacity, enough for two hours of work. This model promises up to 8 hours. Haven't tested it yet, but I hope it will be there.