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Review on Razer Kishi V2 Mobile Gaming Controller And Opus X Wireless Low Latency Headset Bundle For Android by Amanda Smith

Revainrating 2 out of 5

Not sure what Razer was thinking here

So.good news a bad news.The good news? Razer addressed my main issues with the original Kishi:1. V1 had a terrible d-pad. I very much like the V2 d-pad way better. The membrane is gone and it now uses some decently-weighted microswitches. Good stuff here.2. The stretching strap on V1 was more of a nuisance for me than anything. I use my Kishi on a dedicated phone for gaming, so the solid telescopic back of the V2 is a nice upgrade here.3. The rounded corners on the V1 where the phone goes obstructs the screen on some phones. This has thankfully been removed on V2.4. The Left and Right Triggers use silent hall effect sensors instead of the loud and scratchy potentiometers in the V1.That all sounds great, right? Well the bad news is Razer let some moron(s) redesign V2 and they:1. Replaced the membrane face and bumper buttons with microswitches. The original membrane buttons where actually pretty good as long as the membranes were aligned properly inside the controller (had to fix 2 of them). Now if they had just used the same microswitches as the new d-pad things would be fine. But no, they used some switch that actuates by breathing on it, has almost zero travel or resistance, and barely provides any tactile feedback. This results in errant button presses, especially if you like to hover your index fingers above the bumpers.2. Replaced the larger original thumbsticks with some Switch-style thumbsticks. I don't mind this change too much, but "if it ain't broke" you know?3. Why did they get rid of the Home button in favor of this stupid Nexus button? Is this Razer trying to be trendy and ditch things unnecessarily, like headphone jacks on phones?Oh and for $100, is it too much to ask for a headphone jack or at least data passthrough for the USB-C so we can use a headphone adapter?If you already have a perfectly fine Kishi V1 I'd say stick with that. This doesn't feel like the next version of the Kishi, it almost feels like it's some OEM controller they're rebranding as the Kishi V2.

  • This bundle is easy to use, letting you go from unboxing to gaming in just a few minutes
  • The Kishi V2 controller may not feel as natural to use as other gaming consoles

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