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Review on ๐Ÿ› ๏ธ 16-inch WORKPRO Close Top Wide Mouth Tool Storage Bag with Waterproof Rubber Base, W081022A, 16 inches by Barbara Simmons

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A good sumar, but there are nuances.

Having once tried to drag the instrument not in a box, but in a bag, I got the idea to crawl completely onto the bag. This bag was chosen for the purchase for several reasons: 1 - low price 2 - plastic bottom 3 - the presence of a shoulder strap 4 is the right size. Let's start with the last one. The manufacturer WorkPro in this line has several bags that differ in length and number of pockets. The largest bag - 18" seemed too big for my modest needs. And the bag, which is slightly smaller than the one I chose, has a length of 13" and a rag bottom. Therefore, I decided to stop at a 16" bag with a plastic bottom. But what am I, talking about the plastic bottom and not sharing a photo? Fix it, share it. The bag itself is sewn to this plastic bottom. Sewn so-so, without pretensions to premium, but strong enough. A few words about the shoulder strap. He is. Even with an overlay. The pad, as well as the belt, are purely nominal, but this, in my opinion, is quite enough to drag the bag from the car to the place of work. Yes, and it is quite comfortable to move around the object. In general, for the sake of being able to throw a bag over my shoulder in order to free my hands to carry something else, this sumar was purchased. The carbines not only pleased, but also did not upset - they were quite tolerably executed. The general appearance of the bag is not much different from the photos on the Internet. The bag was well packaged. The manufacturer took care of his Russian-speaking audience and put a poster with, among other things, Russian-language text. Thanks to the poster, I learned that WORKPRO is no longer such a young brand. Now about, actually, operation. Of the pluses, I again want to note the plastic bottom: it helps out a lot in bad weather (the plastic does not get wet) and in dusty and garbage conditions: you can safely put it on very dusty and frankly dirty surfaces, then wipe it with a cloth, and everything is clean. There are enough pockets in the bag. Both outside and inside the bag itself. What I personally lacked was the slight rigidity of the pockets themselves. Let me explain. When something more or less heavy is placed in the inner pocket (side cutters or pliers), the bag tries to close. But there is no getting away from this - physics. The rest of the bag is quite good. I can safely recommend to buy.

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  • Plastic bottom, shoulder strap.
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