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Review on Sceptre IPS UltraWide 3440 1440 Built-In Speakers, Flicker-Free, Blue Light Filter, Frameless, ‎E345B-QUT168, HD, IPS by Kevin Chritian

Disappointing in my opinion

I don't play games at all, so I would rate this monitor from someone who uses it for web development, photo retouching, general office, work, email, web browsing, etc. Pros: Good stand. Feels firm. The height is easily adjustable. The monitor has a slim design and a very thin frame. Feels high quality. On-screen controls offer a good range of color balance settings and even fine-tuning of RGB and CMY colors. Cons: I had a few dead pixels at the bottom of the middle section. Sorry, once I see them I can't turn them off. Unfortunately, there are reasons for a return. Even at "100", the screen brightness is barely enough for a typical home office. If my office was exposed to direct sunlight, the screen brightness would be too dim in my opinion. I consider this to be a fairly serious deficiency. Color accuracy seems okay, but I'd be surprised if it's really 99% sRGB. The colors seemed a bit pale to me. I'm using a Mac and using the default "Scepter 034" color profile in the Display Control Panel to get flat, lifeless colors. I changed it to the default "sRGB IEC61966-2.1" color profile, which made the colors a bit brighter and more natural without going overboard. Seems to be an acceptable workaround. When looking at the screen from a distance that I consider normal, e.g. B. at arm's length, the center of the screen is noticeably brighter than the sides. I think this is inherent to IPS screens and not this particular model's fault. When viewed from a distance, the brightness is more even across the entire screen. The screen has an anti-glare coating that creates a kind of "shiny" effect in the brighter areas of the screen that can be annoying at first, but you'll probably get used to it and stop paying attention. There are speakers. There are speakers, but they sound very tinny and not very loud even at maximum volume. I tried them out briefly but went back to my regular computer speakers. My device showed some light leakage (not to be confused with IPS glow) in the bottom right corner, but it's not obvious unless you're watching a dark scene in a movie or something. . As far as I know, this is fairly common with IPS monitors. I noticed that sometimes the screen wouldn't wake up when the computer woke up and had to be cycled by unplugging the power plug on the back. It also seemed to have trouble falling asleep, with a "No Signal" window popping up on the screen every few minutes, although the computer slept undisturbed for a while. Weird acting.

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Pros & cons

  • 34 inches
  • Not everything is as good as written

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