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Review on LOSTRONAUT Soil Sampler Probe 12 Inch - Tubular Contractor Grade Enforced T Handle - Stainless Steel With Core Sampling Area - Includes Soil Sample Kit Test Bags - For Garden Lawn Farm Or Golf Course by Fernando Hudson

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It worked for me. good for me

Lostronaut Soil Sampler, strange name. It works fine, a lot depends on how compact, damp or type of soil you have. Here in Southern California I have a sandy/loamy type soil, I did notice the more compact and dry the smaller the sample. Some spots I got nice samples and others not so nice. The tool does work, I found if you twist it while pushing down it worked for me.Now let's talk about the weld job on the handle, it's a little skimpy, welding rod doesn't cost that much, they could have welded around the whole handle (see pic). I pushed down more in the center of the handle so it wouldn't bend. For under $25 bucks I would recommend it, but they could address the welding issue, " don't be so cheap".

  • Works well
  • Not suitable for small or compact spaces