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Review on Renewed Apple iPhone 12, 128GB, White for AT&T - Like New by Quan Vn Chun  (C gng ᠌

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There is absolutely no product, do not buy it.

I'd like to tell you about my time spent shopping for a phone on Amazon. I placed an order, and then someone came and picked it up. The status quo is unchanged. I got home and flipped the switch. Two days in, I finally figure out that the screen is broken: white is white only when you stare directly at it, and when you alter the angle, as while walking, white becomes blue. Because of this, I had to close my eyes for a good portion of the next day, and after using the phone for the next seventy-one seconds, I was really uncomfortable. Looking online for a solution, I found that the gray-green screen glow on a black background is a common issue with the displays of the iPhone 12 and 12 mini. My own personal black one does, in fact, give off a phosphorescent glow when tested in the dark. Reached out to them. I contacted Apple's support team for advice, and they told me that the issue is known and that the business is working to repair it via a firmware update, so I can either wait until the issue is resolved or get my money back from the vendor. The latter was my pick. Once I received my refund a week later, I placed another order. As for your thoughts, I looked at it yesterday from the angle of the problem. It's exactly the same as before! Greenish hue and angled blue screen on a white background. After complaining about the phone's poor quality in a chat with Amazon's customer service, I was immediately barred from using the service and had my account, which had around 600 bonus points and 5,000 Russian rubles, destroyed. No information was provided by calling customer care; they simply stated they reserve the right to suspend accounts without providing an explanation. I have no idea how to proceed with this phone. My personal account has been removed, thus they can't submit a refund request over the phone to me there either. It is unacceptable that I pay $71,000 for a phone and have to put up with the fact that it does not function as expected straight from the box, thus I will make every effort to return it. So long. Here is a picture I took of the light show.

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  • Relaxing, convenient, slick, and equipped with a quality camera.
  • Battery