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Review on Vileda Ultramat Turbo set by Stanislaw Banasiuk ᠌

Revainrating 5 out of 5

A really necessary purchase, Im glad I found this product.

Pros below: Great cleaning kit. Satisfied with everything 100%. Even the children began to wipe the floors, they really like to wring out a rag with a pedal. Then I bought a second set for parents, but already a standard version. They are happy too. You don't have to bend down to wring out the rag. And now a little more. I thought for a long time what to buy for cleaning my house. The floors are corrugated wood-effect porcelain stoneware and the same laminate. The house has underfloor heating. I settled on this set, but for a long time I chose between XL sizes or a simple option. The difference is only 6 cm in the length of the mop and cloth. At first I took XL for myself, although the difference in price for the kits at that time was 1300, and separately a mop from the XL kit could be taken for 1600. But I did not find information on buckets and decided not to risk it. Later, when I bought the second set for my parents, I realized that the buckets are 99.9% the same (you can see in the photo that only the shape of the pedal is different). And here I realized that I still had to take a standard set, and if you really want a larger cleaning width at a time, then buy an XL mop. In fact, the same money would come out, but there will be a second mop + rag. In fact, I have only positive emotions. Having a warm floor, in fact, I only press mine once or twice. But now the parents in the house already have smooth laminate floors and no warm floor, now they already need to wring out much better and still, you can see the remnants of moisture. Got cons: Squeak on the mop. So I'm thinking I should probably lubricate something or maybe put some kind of gasket. We must see. But at first there was no creak. Well, the price. I took for 3 and 4.3sets for all sorts of promotions and coupons, which, as it were, is not cheap all the same. And to take for the recommended prices of 6-7 and 7-8tr I think that is already too much. In fact, the entire cost is in the bucket and mechanism. And if it breaks, then you won’t be able to buy it separately.

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