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Review on FADFAY Floral Comforter Set King Size 3 Pcs All Season Down Alternative Duvet Insert Shabby Retro Vintage Rose Bedding 100% Cotton Fabric Microfiber Filled Lightweight Farmhouse Quilt 2 Pillowcases by Jessica Gibson

Revainrating 5 out of 5

Nicely constructed comforter with good quality cotton; warm like a comforter and not a summer quilt

I am kind of obsessed with cute 100% cotton bedding. I have 4 kids, and they are young enough to where two of them moved up to twin beds and two are soon to move up, so I both get excited about cute cotton prints and am in the market for twin sized bedding. I have seen this FadFay bedding and noticed the brand for a few years now. They have cute prints and so much variety and especially a lot of the big floral patterns, but because it's a no-name brand, I didn't know about the quality. I got this comforter mostly to check out whether FadFay is quality or not. And, yay! It's well constructed with a thick enough fabric in what appears to truly be 100% cotton. It's exciting, because there is so much cutsey bedding from FadFay and now I know that it's an option.Construction: This is really well made. The cotton fabric used is a good weight. It's thick enough to hold up over time. The comforter is quilted in a box pattern, so stitches running the full length of the quilt (almost up to the edge, but not quite, so that there is a bit more loft right at the edge) in both directions so the stitches cross. This is really great for durability, because it keeps the batting in place and keeps the batting from tearing or getting lumpy. This comforter basically is going to last until the fabric tears up. It won't get lumpy. And since the fabric is a good weight, this should last for years with continuous use. It's going to fade out from washing before it tears up. This is exactly the way I want a comforter sewn. I want it to last and last. Outer edges around the entire perimeter of the quilt are done without binding. This is marketed as a "duvet cover insert". So, it's marketed as the puffy part that goes inside a duvet cover. It has a little loop in each corner, so that you could put it inside of a duvet cover and use the ties on the duvet cover to tie it on.How warm is it: Warm enough for winter. It's definitely a comforter and not a summer quilt. One of the negative reviews right now complains about how thin it is. What?! It's not a quilt for a frozen up north winter, but for me in Florida, it's for winter here and a bit thick and heavy for year round use. Also, the outer is cotton, but because the filling is polyester, it will wear warmer than a cotton quilt with cotton batting would. I think of it as a warm comforter and even in a cold climate, I think you could layer it. And, actually for Florida, I will only have it in use for part of the year and it will work for the coldest days.Random negative - came with a smell from the dye: This is no big deal, since washing it one time fixes things, but brace yourself for it so you are ready. This came with an overpowering smell of dye. It was so bad, I opened this inside and had to put it right out in the yard immediately, then put it to wash. It came clean and everything. I think just they make it in the factory and then right away as soon as the dye is dried and the comforter is stitched, they shrink wrap it and the factory and dye smells are in it. Washing it once fixed it, but any thing I get from the brand again, I am going to open it outside the house and plan to wash it right away.Washing: I put it right in the washing machine, then hung it to dry. There was no bleeding for the colors here. I got the "Blue Hydrangea Peony" which has pale blues and pinks, which are colors that do not tend to bleed, and these colors on this quilt did not bleed.Pillowcases: I got the twin sized set. It said it would come with two pillowcases, and it came with 2. That's nice, because usually twin sets come with one and I like more than one pillow even on a twin bed. Each pillowcase is really a pillowcase and not a sham. Each has a hidden flap in the opening that you can tuck the pillow into and it keeps the pillow from sliding out.Overall, this is a really well constructed comforter made with good material. I was sketchy about getting off-brand FadFay, even though I have seen their cute stuff for sale on revain for years, because with a no-name I worries about quality. I'm happy that the quality is good, mostly because this brand has so many patterns that I like in 100% cotton. If you think the patterns are nice, I say go for it.

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