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Review on Game console Sony PlayStation 4 Pro 1000 GB HDD, white by Petar Keremidchiev ᠌

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There are pros and cons, think before buying.

Hello. This comment is regarding revision 7216b. I want to state up front that these drawbacks are practically unimportant to me because I purchased the console ONLY to play exclusive games before selling it. No, there was no euphoria, amazing, Sony, etc., of course not. Contrarily, I've never been a fan of consoles. Then, though, I made the decision to purchase because I was very eager to play RDR2 (wait a year on a PC?) And additional Sony exclusives, of course. So, a package that included RDR2 was purchased. At least the disks are in decent shape, so I remove the CU from my hands and everything is in order. So sell, then. As a PC-shnik, PS4 PRO actually did not surprise me in the slightest. It's just a box with lots of padding. Four days after the purchase, the left stick was out of alignment and occasionally did not even reposition itself. Instead of rushing to the store, I simply carefully disassembled the controller and discovered that there was plastic friction. After applying some lubricant, the issue was completely resolved. However, I want to draw attention to how smooth and cozy the gamepad's sticks are. A noisy drive is what really annoys the console when it comes to the negatives. when beginning and ending a disk read. I believed that was an outdated practice. In conclusion, the console will never completely replace the PC as a gaming platform; it is simply an addition. Very annoying play shop; frequently, you can't search for a game by its name. Those. You won't locate it in a search even though it might be in its genre. I have read a lot about this. Even today, I'm at a loss for words. My overall recommendation is to accept it if you want to play exclusives whether you decide to take it or not. Don't if you own a gaming PC and don't care about exclusives. Playing PC games on a console is such fun since there is nothing more convenient than keyboard and mouse control, and PC game costs are SO MUCH CHEAPER. The most important thing is that this box stays intact through the end of the year and serves Sony's needs for game play. Then, with a kind heart, sell this engineering marvel, in my opinion.

  • You know, I'm not really sure what constitutes dignity. Check out the remark However, I did notice that it was rather quiet in comparison to earlier editions. - turns on enough promptly. - Binding is not possible with disks. You may choose BU. It is significant. – The gamepad is cozy, and the plastic is sturdy.
  • - When the console is heated, the plastic pops. - A loud Blu-ray player, YouTube video - everyone has it. Personally, I find it to be noisy in every way. comparisons to ONE X once more. – the gamepad discharges quickly even with a weak illumination. In this approach, he combines the substantial Logitech gamepad with battery life of many hours. - An affordable plastic console. I don't care about this myself, but it makes a terrible creaking sound when touched. throttles that buzz. Thank goodness it buzzes rather than squeaks. However, at a distance of two meters, it is hardly heard. upscale 4k. They're only there for show. There is no native 4K issued by the prefix. - inadequate tools. The gamepads may already be placed on the consoles at dusk. Because if we're talking about iron, this is thick. It makes sense if there are versions with two gamepads, but the costs are the same as if you were to buy a gamepad individually. - With paid online games from Sony, you must additionally pay for their service in order to play with others. This is in contrast to PCs, where you only pay for the Internet itself. - The gamepad's four right buttons are loud and dangling in the chairs. And on the entire gamepad, they are the only loud buttons. For instance, the cross is pressed almost inaudibly. There is no standard support for keyboards and mice here because it is the year 2022. Archaism. - Exorbitant game costs at the Sony Store. Discounts are offered though. I did not know the difference between turning off the console and placing it in standby mode. If only there was a download or the gamepad was charged? Because the console loads when you come out of standby mode and all of your prior applications are shut down. was the most crucial factor, which I almost overlooked. DO NOT LISTEN to those who claim that 30 frames displayed on a console are actually 30 additional frames. After the PC, you'll feel like you're in hell for the first two days. This is instantly perceptible in RDR2. And initially, you question whether you can even play it. Yes, eventually you grow accustomed to it and consider it to be normal, but you must realize that this is not in reality the case. Play less PC games with 30 fps lock so you don't feel like returning to hell.