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Review on Renewed Apple iPad Mini 4 (Gold, 128GB, Wi-Fi + Cellular) by Lin Wei-Yin ᠌

Revainrating 4 out of 5

Nice price, good quality.

A second-generation iPad by Apple was the substitute I chose. In general, the gadget has met my needs, albeit there was one annoyance. If the frames could be eliminated and stereo sound implemented, this would be the perfect tablet. To the extent that the previous design is still forgivable, the iPhone Xr's speaker quality creates dissonance. It was enhanced even in the second-generation iPad. The original iPad 2 felt so cumbersome and heavy in my hands after carrying around the Mini for a week. The tablet is convenient and easy to transport. Impressively ingenious; it performs at the level of the iPhone Xs despite having the same amount of RAM as the iPhone Xr. There will be plenty of hardware for the next few years; the key is to stop ating the software in time (I killed my previous iPad by upgrading it from iOS 6 to iOS 9). Prints were tough to remove due to the oleophobic coating, which came as a disappointment. This isn't available on Apple products as far as I know. They may have tried to cut costs, but I have no idea if they succeeded. As there is not much to say about the battery, we left it out of the pros and disadvantages. Nonetheless, in my opinion, with a high load, it will endure for around 6-8 hours. Averages around 10 hours. As the tablet can function as a huge iPod, I am relieved to see the familiar 3.5 mm jack included. Apple's gut (3.5 adaptor) — ruined audio. Lack of support for keyboard covers is not a deal breaker for me. That's not why they're driving a Mini. When comparing screens to phablets (also known as "shovel-backgrounds"), it's not fair to use a comparison based on screen size in inches. The "correct" corners and ratios on the iPad screen are the key. The iPad's display is "wide," while the iPhone's is "length," I say. Thus, the iPad's screen layout is different for reading and viewing videos. Of course, the iPhone screen's rounded edges help to reduce the effect by a few millimeters. Apple's garden is marred by the absence of a universal charger. There are many different types of company-issued gadgets, hence it is "suggested" that each employee bring their own charger. If you own a tablet, smartphone, or smart watch, you'll need to bring a complete bag full of charges with you everywhere you go.

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  • iPad OS and its potential; portability; size; quality (IPS, True Tone) display; speed; and power. Compatible with the Apple ecosystem; 3.5 mm jack; Perfect e-reader/notebook (Apple Pencil compatibility);
  • Weak oleophobic covering Weak 10-year-old design Sound quality is poor, and it's only mono. With no USB-C ports and a rapid charging system

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