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Review on ASUS Gaming Curved Monitor VG24VQE 165Hz, Adaptive Sync, Flicker-Free, Blue Light Filter, by Bankroll Latimer

The best display I've ever played on. Do not use TV.

I can't believe I used the TV for so long before purchasing this monitor. I mainly play Rainbow 6 Siege on PC and found that the response time put me at a bit of a disadvantage compared to other players. When asked why everyone seems to have better response times than me, some other gamers told me it might be because my current display is a 4K TV and has a lot of input lag. I did some research and sure enough, the input lag on my TV was 60-150ms. This is a very long time when your game depends on lightning fast reactions. I also noticed that when playing on TV, I didn't see some things due to ghosting when I rotated the scope quickly. So I got this monitor and the difference was day and night. My reaction time went from 350-400ms drunk to 200-220ms crazy Call of Duty: faster than most people I've played against. I've found that even after adjusting some monitor settings there's still a little ghosting, but it's still 1000x better than using a TV. The color is fantastic, as is the contrast. I can really see the fine details in the game when it really matters. It's definitely a big plus that I paired this monitor with my AMD graphics card to use Freesync. No more ugly lines in the middle of the screen where half the screen was a frame behind. My ONLY issue with the monitor is that when you're lounging in your chair, the monitor lets you know through a blurry image. Viewing angles aren't the monitor's strong suit, but they're still good for a person who uses it for gaming, which is my reason for buying it. So this doesn't take away from any of the stars in my rating as this is intended for gamers and gamers like to sit close to their monitors and in the center for the best possible experience. Overall I am very happy with my purchase and will likely purchase 2 more for a triple monitor setup as the cost of this monitor compares very well to other similar monitors.

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Pros & cons

  • Lo utilizo item juegos ect y muy buena imagen.
  • Limited customization options

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