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Review on πŸ‘– Boys' Classroom Uniform Pull-On Pants by Bim Cook

Revainrating 5 out of 5

SUITABLE for active guys - wrinkle resists, removes stains easily

Really great uniform pants! We are halfway through the school year and the only signs of wear on these pants are a slight crease at the bottom of the leg where I had to unpick the hem last week. The trousers come out of the dryer without wrinkles. We smeared these pants with mulch and mud, spaghetti sauce and just today sat on a large chunk of a wet chocolate muffin - and it all came off instantly, even on the "quick wash" cycle. (I treat any stains with shout gel before putting them in the washing machine.) The knees are still intact - no signs of holes. One pant has had the reinforcement fabric come loose and I plan to use Heat 'n Bond to reattach it. No problem with the reinforcement patch on all other three pants. These pants have a VERY baggy hem, so even if your child has long legs and/or is tall for their age, you can probably leave the hem out and they should fit. My kid is average height for his age with short legs so I had to trim the edge, trim a fair bit of fabric and re-hem. No problem for me - just offering my experience. I will buy them again next school year.

  • Elastic waistband with triple stitching
  • Only available in black