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ScreenLife 25603 Scene Deluxe Movie
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About ScreenLife 25603 Scene Deluxe Movie

All new content from such films as "Walk the Line", "King Kong", "The Devil Wears Prada" and more. Features questions, characters, and clips from both new and classic films of the silver screen. Includes a bonus DVD. Re-live great movie moments as you race each other around the board - Be the first to make the Final Cut and win the game. If you're really into movies then let Scene It? Movie 2nd Edition put your movie trivia knowledge to the ultimate test.

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Our favorite game! - DVD Games

My family loves this game! I bought it because our family loves movies and I thought it would be a game the whole family would enjoy and I was right. It has become our favorite game!

Pros & cons

  • Very Good Price
  • Fair

I Love This Game Best in Games & Accessories

My family loves to play this game. We watch a lot of movies so it's fun to build teams. I find that kids (late teens) get through it a lot quicker than my husband and I. This is probably not good for younger children. We enjoy it every time we play it. It's good for "family time".

Pros & cons

  • Easy to read control panel
  • Quick start guide

Excellent team building game

Bought this game for team building at work. Our team consisted of 10 people and it was a lot of fun. You learn about people's personalities by knowing the answer to a question. I didn't recognize many of the old movies, but it was nice to learn about them. I will look them up on the internet or see them on request. I look forward to playing this game with family and friends. =

Pros & cons

  • New
  • Reliable

Come into the family room next to you.

My wife and I love this game. We're both big movie fans and questions can still be a problem. The simple menu on the DVD is great and very user friendly. Sometimes it takes a while for the questions to appear on the screen due to the loading time. Since it is a DVD, durability is questionable. All in all, we highly recommend this game to anyone who loves movies and pop culture.

Pros & cons

  • Best in its niche
  • Problems happen

Love Love Love - DVD Games

I absolutely LOVE this! It arrived quickly and in great condition, the game itself has a metal body which I like because it's much more durable. This game is a lot of fun to play, some questions are quite difficult (simply because there are so many different movies in this game - it's not limited to any particular category), but we still have a lot of fun playing it. Although we only made a short version of the game because some of the questions are so difficult that it takes quite a long time for a person/team to go all the way around the board.

Pros & cons

  • Weight
  • Secret

So, here's a quick overview.

This is an EXCELLENT game in every way. I have 5 different versions, from Disney to Friends. The problem with the broader scene is that you have to be very knowledgeable about cinema, which is great when you're up against the majors of cinema (which I am) or people who aren't of the new generation (the natives). after 1994). In general, the game is interesting and exciting. I had some trouble getting the shuffling to work properly as the DVD seems to offer the same loops at times, so this game has a limit on how many times you can play it. That's why I have 5.

Pros & cons

  • Confident
  • Good but not great

I LOVE THIS GAME! Great entertainment for adult parties.

I played the first version of this scene several times and really liked it. So I decide to buy the second edition for the fondue party I had with all my friends, all of us in our 20's and 20's. Everyone liked the game, even those who had never played it before. Much more contemporary movies than the 1st edition but not too new. Hopefully they'll release version 3 soon, but until then it's working great. I highly recommend this party game, everyone will be interested in it, even if you are not a movie lover, you can answer :)

Pros & cons

  • Pleasant
  • Appearance

Scene it 2 Deluxe Movie Edition is good for parties

This was our annual family board game. We choose a version of the film for a wider audience. The game depends on the DVD player, but it's fun for parties where fun is more important than competition. Party mode is a bit slow on the next question, but it gives your guests time to refresh their drinks. You don't need to know the movies in the clips to answer the questions, although it helps with some of them. I think this game will get old if overplayed. Even if we didn't answer all the questions, we only saw replays after three games. The board game is much less interesting and the quiz cards are inferior to the videos, but some quizzes are more difficult. I would recommend this product.

Pros & cons

  • High marks for support and durability from testers
  • Negative score available

Fun group game suitable for games and accessories

This game is like eating puff pastry - tasty but one-dimensional pleasure. If you're not used to board games on DVD, switching between board and DVD can get accustomed. However, that's the nature of these types of games and it's not really a big problem once you get used to it. The board game is like any board game, it's part of the DVD and the level of interaction it offers gives it a significant boost in entertainment value. This is a good opportunity to use videos and pictures to solve clues. However, I wouldn't call this game educational unless you need to brush up on your entertainment knowledge for a 1 in 100 listening experience. Of course it isn't. not the focus of the game, but still those who prefer broader questions in their quizzes won't care due to the lack of game breadth, such as: B. Trivial Pursuit. is extensively compiled, and the DVD does a good job of shuffling questions to avoid too much repetition. Even your regular movie buff will be confused by some of the more…