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Review on QuizBreaker by Mike Carter

Great way for teams and companies alike

I like that it's very easy to use, you can easily create games with your colleagues or friends without any technical knowledge needed! The interface could be better but overall i really enjoy using this platform as its super fun!! There are lots of different types of activities which makes things interesting at times when we're stuck in meetings together (which happens quite often).

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It helps us get out from our desks once every week by doing something exciting instead while also helping build relationships between people who don't normally meet up outside work hours. We have had some great results so far - improved communication skills within my group/team has been one thing where quizbreaker definitely helped me improve myself personally too :) Definitely try if there isn’t anything else available locally close enough yet ;) Have used quizzer before now just not sure how much they've changed since then? Would love more options about what kind of questions would make an activity easier e.g.

Pros & cons

  • Easy way for everyone involved
  • Great variety across all ages groups etc.
  • Fun & interactive even though sometimes hard depending upon difficulty level set up wise
  • Ease into getting started / no prior training requiredA lot

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