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UNACOO Brushed Crewneck Pullover Sweatshirt

Received this in hopes it would match the green women's sweatshirt I got from Old Navy so my fourth year and I could be twins on their Halloween field trip (I know it is banal, but don't judge strictly 😜). It was the closest match one could hope for. She is 9 years old, she wears a size 10 and this is a very small dress (large size 9/10). It's more in line with the average 7/8 size of most other brands. Don't worry, now I can be twins with her little sister - a win for everyone involved. Besides the small size, this is a wonderfully thick beautiful sweatshirt. It's beautifully tailored and weighs more than most hoodies you buy in department stores. The unique green color is hard to find. It is described as unisex but more like a sweatshirt for a boy. My daughter still loves it and will probably wear it with leggings or jeggings this fall. Washes and dries well, does not fade and requires no special care. I recommend a sweatshirt if it's bigger for you. does not fade and does not require special care. I recommend a sweatshirt if it's bigger for you. does not fade and does not require special care. I recommend a sweatshirt if it's bigger for you.See full review

kids case for all - new 1 0 inch tablet(11th generation logo

Kids Case For All - New 1 0 Inch Tablet(11Th Generation

Wasn't the right size.

If you want to save yourself the headache, you need to order this case for your Right Fire 10. Didn't know there were so many different sizes of Fire 10. Don't make my mistake.See full review

trimfit cotton spandex tagless colorful boys' clothing for underwear logo

Trimfit Cotton Spandex Tagless Colorful Boys' Clothing for Underwear

Excellent briefs for boys. My 6 year old loves them. Very vibrant colors and the material is so soft not restrictive at all. Suitable for an average height of 6 years. I've been using Carter's for years but they are much softer and if they hold up after prolonged use I won't be going back!See full review

decomen reusable washable anti dust protetive logo

DECOMEN Reusable Washable Anti Dust Protetive

My 3 year old loves wearing a face mask compared to the regular ones we buy at grocery stores. The material is smooth and soft, keeping it on your face longer without any fuss. Balaclava for half the face, not so much. I don't think this is practical for all toddlers. I would appreciate if they just provided a few face masks in the same style.See full review

quad seven 2 piece sherpa fleece boys' clothing logo

Quad Seven 2 Piece Sherpa Fleece Boys' Clothing

Terrible Material

I ordered a size 10 for my 8 year old and he is too small, he is a normal size boy. What's worse is the material. It is very rough and itchy and smells very strongly of the synthetic materials it is made of. I take that back and settle for Gymboree for affordable, well-fitting and comfortable kids' clothing.See full review

hde adapter nintendo advance systems logo

HDE Adapter Nintendo Advance Systems

Everything went well at first. After 2 years and very little use I had to buy a new one. Although this time I bought it somewhere else. Perhaps this is to be expected from chargers these days. All I know is that I have WORKING chargers for products that no longer work or have been sold for a long time and I still use them for the things I buy today.See full review

holiday specs christmas glasses celebration accessories & supplies logo

Holiday Specs Christmas Glasses Celebration Accessories & Supplies

Add more fun and fun

I have two pairs of holiday glasses for my honest evaluation. One of them wore reindeer glasses, the other a snowman. These glasses are quite durable. They have a pattern down the center of the frame and on the legs so the wearer knows what pattern they are seeing when looking into the light. I've tried them on traditional garlands and LED garlands. You can see images better with traditional light sources than with LED. The image is bright and clear under conventional lighting, while under LED lighting it was a bit fainter and duller. I'll be happy to wait and see if American Paper Optics makes one that can work with LEDs. :) I let my kids try them too,See full review

wavestrong, inc. logo

WaveStrong, Inc.

I like that it is easy for clients with different skill sets (ease-of use) which makes collaboration easier! It can be time consuming when you have many employees working remotely so having this tool helps keep everyone connected at all times without creating too much work load or confusion between remote workers who may not know each other very often - but are still able to collaborate effectively through wavestrong's platform!! You will need more than one person using your program if there aren't enough people already within an organization doing what needs done by way of security assessments/audits etc., otherwise things get bogged down quickly due to lack of resources available internally. See full review

procase screen protector tempered 2015 2 logo

ProCase Screen Protector Tempered 2015 2

That does not work!

Do not buy! Mine was made by a very talented pianist (with super skillful hands). He watched the video and carefully followed all the instructions. iPad prepared as described, kept in a clean dry place etc. Screen does not stick! It fell off when he applied it. "Protector" is very thick and shiny. That's half my (new) iPad before I used it. A complete waste of money. (Because I was waiting for a super tough person to apply this, I've missed the deadline, to request a refund or replacement.) Beware of this product. It deserves a ZERO rating, not a one.See full review

kidscool ripped stretchy washed overalls boys' clothing for overalls logo

Kidscool Ripped Stretchy Washed Overalls Boys' Clothing for Overalls

They are not designed for an active child or a growing child or even a child with normal body proportions. designed for gambi (green elastic toy). They are narrow, elastic and uncomfortable. My kid tried them on. The leg cuffs are suitable for people without legs. The fight was intense and I immediately wanted to take them off. The metal clips/clasps are flimsy. When I had to adjust the straps - this is a jumpsuit, the jumpsuit is supposed to be adjustable - the metal clip buckled and the strap slipped out of the clasp. I can't get him to come back. If a kid had to wear this to school it would be TERRIBLE.See full review

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