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Review on Apple IPhone Mini Purple Unlocked by Van Chay ᠌

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I like it, thanks for the quality product.

I got this phone to replace the iPhone SE 1. The mini is slightly larger than the SE, the edges are not as angular, but nevertheless, the mini felt like a brick in my hand at first, and it took me a few days to get used to the size and shape. Now with mini I'm comfortable.

img 1 attached to Apple IPhone Mini Purple Unlocked review by Van Chay ᠌
img 2 attached to Apple IPhone Mini Purple Unlocked review by Van Chay ᠌

  • You know the pros of iPhones, so I’ll tell you about the pros compared to other iPhones: - The size; - Body materials, very nice to touch; - The presence of a wide-angle camera; - The cameras shoot well, it is possible to shoot with a long exposure (night mode); - There are no inscriptions on the body, only 2 dim badges (CE and trash can) on the side; - Relatively loud and rich sound from two speakers (on the bottom and front sides); - The black color of the case looks great, I recommend it. True, it is not completely black, but dark navy blue;
  • - The wide-angle camera does not have autofocus, it is only focused at infinity, which means you will not be able to photograph objects up close. I could not even imagine that they could do this in the flagship. Samsung does the same with its flagships, but there are phones from other manufacturers with autofocus in the wide-angle camera; - Cameras stick out at the back, because of this, it is inconvenient to use the phone when it lies on the table. I understand that this is the case with all phones now, but this is not an excuse; - The screen sensor does not respond to special gloves for touch screens when a protective glass is installed on the screen. The iPhone SE 1 works great under these conditions; - Apps do not support upside down orientation. This is the only possible position when in the car you put the phone on charge and put the phone in the cup holder. Not all necessary applications support car play, so there is a need to look at the phone screen. Perhaps the problem can be solved by using a charging cable with an L-shaped plug; - The processing of photos by neural networks is very striking (you can see “brush strokes” and other iPhone gag). Instead of beautiful real bokeh and noise, we get pixel grain (see attached photo 1). Sometimes it is very annoying, you just want a photo without distortion; - The portrait mode in the cameras is made for show. It is difficult to get a good photo, the shoals of separation of the object from the background are visible to the naked eye. On cats, portrait mode always gives poor results (see attached photo 2); - Short battery life, not enough for a day, especially if you use a navigator and a camera. iPhone SE 1 with a 2-year non-original battery holds the same amount with exactly the same settings and applications (I did a settings migration); - The YouTube application began to show a lot more ads; - The magnet does not hold the phone on the refrigerator;

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