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Review on Apple IPhone Mini Purple Unlocked by Goro Suzuki ᠌

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There are some variations, but tolerable on the whole.

As a result, I handed over the phone back to the store, they accepted it without questions and explanations. continued to use his iphone 8, its design is hopelessly outdated but the phone is not so annoying. after a while I understand that most likely we will not wait for compact phones, and apparently even so we will have to buy 12 mini again and endure

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  • 1) size - finally prayers were answered and at least one manufacturer was able to cram top-end hardware into a small case, thanks and respect for this - I waited a long time 2) speed - no questions, everything flies 3) camera - exactly the right modules are installed, normal and wide angle, it’s hard for me to come up with scenarios when I need a telephoto. in terms of quality - it’s normal, you shouldn’t wait for the level of a DSLR, but with an 8th iPhone, the difference is obvious 3) the level of apple service - I bought the phone from the officials, they brought it to the house and took it back from home, international guarantee
  • 1) the screen is oled, I have never dealt with them before and now I tried it. yes, the black color is perfect, infinite contrast, there are no questions about this, but the main annoying problem is color distortion. open settings in light theme (or any white picture) and tilt the phone 20 degrees, white becomes blue-green. Let's say the phone is on the table, you want to see the time, tap on the screen, it lights up, and at an angle you watch your wallpaper with a distorted color, I still could not get used to such a "feature" of a device for 70k. at the same time, this distortion is not visible when viewed through the camera, so everything is perfect in the reviews on YouTube. 60Hz - you walk and envy Android users with their smoothness of 120Hz 2) edges - visually they look better, but in the hand the rounded case is better like in 10 and 11, for me tactile sensations are more important 3) faceid - one of those technologies that seems convenient until you start using it, it won’t recognize you in a mask, you can turn it off, but then enter the code every time, if you hold the phone horizontally, it won’t recognize your face 4) nightmod - if you take a sober look at the photos that are obtained, it is very far from reality, it looks like some kind of wildly processed photos with colors and noise twisted to the utmost

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