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Review on Digital Caliper Adoric Calipers Measuring by Kelsey Brown

Digital Caliper Precision is everything - all pros and cons about this

Hi all. I want to tell you about a tool that was bought on Ali's well-known site. This is a caliper that cost me a ridiculous 250 rubles. You know - cigarettes are now more expensive. A caliper is an accurate and professional tool that is designed to take accurate measurements. It helps to find out the external and internal dimensions, measure the depth of the holes and, if necessary, create markings. The device is used both in industry and at home. It is sometimes indispensable during automotive, plumbing, construction and other repair work. When buying, consider the following characteristics: measurement accuracy, measurement range, material of manufacture, value for money. There are more expensive models on the site, but I sometimes need a tool once a month or even a year. So I don't see the point in overpaying. This example suits me just fine. There is a connector for connecting to a computer. Alik has a variety of calipers. From classic mechanical models to instruments with a digital display. I ordered a digital one. It has advanced functionality and increased measurement accuracy. This tool provides measurement accuracy up to 0.1 mm. The caliper is very compact, its dimensions are 235 77 15 mm, of which 40 by 15 mm is occupied by a liquid crystal display. All numbers are visible on the screen. No need to peer into the divisions of the scale and strain your eyesight. With it, all measurements are carried out quickly and easily. The maximum measurement speed is 1.5 m (or 60 inches) per second. The tool is made of plastic. The case is quite thick. Plastic almost does not bend in the process. This model of caliper is not suitable for marking. It was created just for measurements. The measurement error is small, but it is, so for professional use it is better to choose a different instrument model. Pros: The main plus is the price. Simplicity. Only three buttons: on / off, zeroing and translation of the measurement scale. Big screen. There are two measurement scales. The caliper automatically turns on during measurements. The disadvantages include the lack of a battery in the kit, but also a flimsy design. The case is a little loose, the build quality is average. But for the money it's a great tool. Before buying a caliper, you should first purchase an AG 13 (LR44) battery. I recommend to buy.

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Pros & cons

  • Price, simplicity, measurement accuracy.
  • Plastic case, no batteries.

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