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laser rangefinder xiaomi atuman duka ls-p laser range finder 40 m gray logo

75 Reviews

The Xiaomi ATuMan Duka LS-P laser rangefinder is an innovative and functional measuring tool. It has a compact size (86 x 22.3 x 11mm) and light weight (30g) for easy handling and transportation. Designed to quickly and efficiently measure distances up to 40 meters, this rangefinder delivers accuracy down to 1mm. Key features of this rangefinder include…

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laser level zitrek ll1v1h logo

24 Reviews

The laser plane builder Zitrek LL1V1H 065-0177 is used to control horizontal and vertical lines. Powered by AA batteries, which ensures mobility in action. Can work continuously up to 3.5 hours. The device has a durable housing with rubber pads on all sides, which allows it to withstand mechanical damage.

gaming chair aerocool baron, upholstery: imitation leather/textile, color: steel blue logo

18 Reviews

Upholstery material: fabric, eco-leather; Upholstery color: black with blue; Swing mechanism: butterfly; Seat depth adjustment: yes; Horizontal rotation: yes; Weight limit: 150 kg; Dimensions: 690 x 700 x 1350 mm; Weight: 18.9 kg

weather station hygrometer for home indoor household thermometer with humidity measurement ulbi h1 logo

16 Reviews

The ULBI H1 Hygrometer works as a Room Humidity Meter. Temperature and humidity sensor built-in and wireless. The ULBI H1 home weather station can easily control this indicator (the comfortable level of relative humidity in the room in winter is 30–45%, in the warm months 30–60%.) The ULBI H1 room thermometer is: simple installation - full autonomy of…

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laser pointer green laser 303 logo

15 Reviews

Green laser pointers can be said to be the leaders in the line of laser pointers, as they have the greatest effect. Ten times stronger than the simplest red glow laser key fob known to everyone. In addition, this pointer uses a real laser, while red-light pointers use an LED that passes a maximum through the crystal system, but no more. As a rule, even…

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thickness gauge carsys dpm-816 pro (fe/nfe) logo

13 Reviews

The device is designed to measure the thickness of coatings: by the magnetic induction method: the thickness of various dielectric (paint, plastic, primer, etc.) and electrically conductive non-magnetic coatings (aluminum, zinc, chromium, copper) based on ferrous metals (steel, iron). Eddy current method for the thickness of various dielectric coatings…

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laser level zitrek ll12-gl logo

12 Reviews

Laser plane builder Zitrek LL12-GL 065-0179

bubble tripods machines furniture trailers logo

11 Reviews

Great for leveling RV, campers, trailer tongues or hitches, large tools, tripods, cameras, pictures, rifle rests, furniture, appliances, machines, pool tables. Sizes: 1.63" W x 2.26" H x 0.54" D, the cross check level is designed to give dual direction leveling. With Screw-mounted hole, Front-to-back and side-to-side leveling, Shatterproof, waterproof…

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hopkins 03926 never stick level logo

11 Reviews

Unlike traditional levels that fade due to UV exposure this will not fade over time. Self-adhesive back for easy mounting. Plumb and level visible from a distance. Perfect for leveling shop equipment, picture frames and appliances. 2 levels per pack.

swanson svv150 9 inch savage t bevel logo

11 Reviews

9 in stainless steel blade features precision-etched black gradations in easy-to-read US and metric units. Anodized aluminum frame for durability. Easily transfer angles and measure depths. Unique end-lock mechanism allows bevel to be used on both sides. Rubber-cushioned handle insert allows for a comfortable grip. Compact design slips into pocket…

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stainless electronic micrometer waterprrof conversion logo

10 Reviews

【Waterprrof & Stainless Steel Caliper】The vernier digital caliper is made of full-covered STAINLESS STEEL, WATERPROOF, anti-rust, which has a strong frame with a lockable head. Finely polished steel and NEW processing of depth meters groove give better looking, smooth sliding, and accurate result. 【Accurate Calipers Measuring Tool】With high-resolution…

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wood moisture meter detector pin type logo

10 Reviews

【ACCURATE & QUICK MEASURING】- FIND HIDDEN WATER LEAKS IN WALLS AND SURFACES. Designed with 2 high precision pins, penetrate into the test surface and quickly know the moisture level in your walls,give you an estimate of the potential for moisture growth throughout your home.Tavool moisture meter for wood is the best way to identify the location of…

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precision measuring made easy with gemred digital tool set for table saw - gr905 angle gauge grset905 logo

10 Reviews

Package include 1*GemRed 82412 digital angle gauge and 1*GemRed digital depth/height gauge. Widely used in woodworking, construction, machining, home decoration etc. Clear digital readout provide quick, easy and reliable measuring for your work. Battery included. Good choice for people whom like DIY, woodowrking, home decoration etc.

komelon 4110cs keychain measure acrylic logo

10 Reviews

Durable ABS case. Slide lock. Anodized aluminum carabiner clip. White non-glare blade. Small profile to fit on key chain or in pocket.

kms7724 self adhesive measuring left right reading logo

10 Reviews

1/2" (13mm) wide, self-adhesive tape. Left-to-right reading. Highly scuff-resistant metallic. Easily trimmed with a scissors. Compatible with Kreg Top Trak & Heavy-Duty Trak.

komelon 3110 touch 10 foot colors logo

10 Reviews

Center brake to hold blade. Diameter scale on backside of tape. Magnetic back. Country of Origin:China. Package weight:0.3 lb. Model Number:3110.

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